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 The holiday party is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13th at On the Dunes in Commerce.  Activities will include lunch, street curling, axe throwing, football bowling, and golf simulators with cash bar.   Please come dressed to play.  Golf clubs are not provided - clubs are available to rent or bring your own. RSVP to Jenny Kales at jkales@hrcengr.com  .  Please let her know if there are any dietary restrictions. 

More  info - onthedunessports.com.    

The Detroit Metro Branch is seeking sponsors to assist with the costs of the activities and perhaps provide bar time.    Should you be interested be contact  Brandy Siedlaczek at  bsiedlaczek@cityofsouthfield.com.  

The Detroit Metro Branch is looking for individual(s) who are interested in joining the board.  Tasks include – attending branch board meetings, attending branch events such as monthly meetings, holiday party  and golf outing, research and scheduling venues for monthly meetings and holiday party.  This is a 5 year commitment to hold each of board positions -    secretary, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, President and Past President.   Elections will occur at the holiday party in December.   Please contact Nancy Kolinski or any Board member with questions if you are interested in the nomination. 


Brandy Siedlaczek, President (bsiedlaczek@cityofsouthfield.com)

Brad Knight,  1st VP (bknight@rcoc.org)

Jake Darnall, 2nd VP, (jdarnall@hrcengr.com) 

Nancy Kolinski, Secretary (nkolinski@hrcengr.com)

Steve Vandette, Treasurer (svmsu1976@yahoo,com)

Questions or Comments? detroitmetroapwa@gmail.com

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On the Dunes Sports

2055 Haggerty Hwy, Commerce Twp,


Jennifer Kales

jkales@hrcengr.com | (248) 454-6889 | HRC Engineers

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