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Call to Order by President Skylis at 11:05 am at the GSCI offices.

Voting Member of the Executive Committee Attendance    

President Skylis            
President Elect Hurt            
Vice-President Hart            
Chapter Treasurer Rader            
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro        Paul Matthews
Branch Delegate - Downriver            John Thompson
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin
Branch Delegate - Northern            Pete Staley
Branch Delegate - Southwest            Amy Gilson
2nd Past President Mekjian    
Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator        Brandy Siedlaczek-Water Resource Co-Chair         Jessica Katers-Awards
Mark Bonkowski – Sponsor Relations Co-Chair        Tara Paksi-GCSI
President Skylis welcomed attendees and asked for self-introductions.  

It was moved by Hummel and seconded by Hurt to approve both October 27, 2016 and December 9, 2016 meeting minutes.  All were in favor.

Treasurer Rader submitted her Treasurer’s report and reviewed it.  Currently, it looks like there is a deficiet due to the new fiscal year, but everything is on track.  There was discussion on the branch rebates and it was moved by Thompson and seconded by Hummel to issue branch rebates based on membership as of today.  All were in favor.  Rader will provide the check register to the President, President-Elect and Vice-President to keep everything transparent to protect the board and the treasurer equally.  President Skylis asked for suggestions for an assistant Treasurer for succession planning.  

President Elect Hurt reported he along with Larry Hummel are registered for the Leadership Training in February.  He also listened in on the Membership webinar with Doug Skylis and reported there are a lot of online tools.  He is working with the Chicago Chapter to finish out all Michigan Night expenses.   

Administrator Spencer reported she will try and move the Sponsorship to the front page and get the different level Sponsors on the scrolling section of the website.

Council of Chapters – Hummel reported the Leadership Seminar will be February 16th and 17th in Kansas, and he has registered already.  The reviewed the Region V newsletter.  If you wish to participate on any National APWA Committee, now is the time to volunteer.

Standing Committee Reports

a.    Membership – Thompson talked about the need for a tabletop display for upcoming conferences.  He also reported that his Branch Boundary committee is working on a Survey Monkey survey.  There was discussion about possibly having a Northern UP branch centered in Marquette/Escanaba.   
b.    Continuing Education/Training – no report
c.    Legislative and Government Affairs – Mekjian reported via email “Not much has happened on this front in the last month.  John LaMacchia and I have talked a couple of times and several bills of interest to us, that didn't move during lame duck session last year may see some movement within the next few months.  Lots of new folks in the legislature I guess.  I have been re-appointed as Chair of the Trans and Infra. Committee and we have a kickoff meeting scheduled for March 3.  The MML has also scheduled a Legislative Committee Kickoff Day at the Capital on February 9th for members of all committees.  I plan on attending both.
d.    Awards – Katers reports there were 26 award submittals at the chapter level and her committee will be reviewing and selecting the winners by mid-February.
e.    Sponsor Relations –Follow-up calls for the Chapter Sponsorships will take place in mid-February along with reviewing past sponsors and potential new sponsors.
f.    Annual Conference –The scheduled was reviewed and there was discussion on the golf outing, wine tour, and the Welcome Reception.
g.    Historical – keep sending to Larry.  There was discussion on possibly doing a slideshow during the Welcome Reception, during the Great Lakes Expo, or during our Legislative Reception in February.
h.    Site Selection – The committee is reviewing all proposals and will do a tour of Treetops.  More information to follow.

Special Assignment Committee Reports

a.    By-Laws/Policies – no report.
b.    Finance-Budget – nothing new.
c.    Administrator Evaluation – complete until 2017.
d.    MPSI – Spring session is FULL, registration for FALL is filling up quickly.   
e.    MAPSI – Get registrations in ASAP!  The program is filling up fast.
f.    Communications – Everything is going well, all monies were collected for 2016.  They are contacting all 2015 advertisers who have dropped and have received several new advertisers for 2017.  
g.    Snow Conference – Information has been submitted, short list will be notified in March and site visits in May.
h.    Public Works Academy – They have identified various skill set, how to acquire that skill set and have worked with Grand Rapids Community College in developing the program.

National Committee Liaison

a.    Diversity – Mondora reported via email, “Jennifer and I co-authored a joint article for the March Reporter.... "Honoring Cultural Diversity through Inclusion"  Keep an eye out.  I am term limited on the National Diversity Committee and my reign will end after PWX in August.  If Michigan would like representation, I recommend that we nominate someone when the call for nominations comes out in Feb. The process closes on March 22nd.  It need not be a woman or a minority.  There are white males on the committee too.”
b.    Water Resources – Mondora also reported via email, “MDEQ has re-convened an MS4 Implementation Team.  I was invited to participate along with the Road Commission for Oakland County to represent SE Michigan.  The focus is on developing and implementing Post-Construction Control Programs.  This is not a venue for permit negotiations, but will provide a forum for MS4 permitees to raise issues, assist with development of compliance assistance documents and share innovative and alternative implementation approaches.  It is anticipated that there will be quarterly meetings.  SO, lay any concerns you have with Post-Construction on me and I will do my best to advocate on your behalf!  The first meeting is today at 1 in Lansing.”
Professional Association Liaison

a.    CRA – There is a new Bill tracking link on the website.  There will be a Highway Conference March 14th to March 16th.
b.    AWWA – nothing new to report
c.    MML – nothing new to report
d.    QBS – The QBS Bill needs to be re-introduced, and they have hired someone for branding.

Branch Reports

•    Detroit Metro – January 19th’s meeting had approximately 40 attendees at Pasquale with Round-A-bouts as the topic.  February will be the joint meeting with Downriver and March will be the Awards Ceremony.
•    Downriver –Joint meeting in February with the Detroit Metro branch.  The equipment and trade show will be March 23rd, which is a week later to accommodate the airport.  Attendees will enjoy free admission and lunch.  The April meeting will be the Administrative Assistant luncheon.
•    Mideast – There will be a board meeting in February.
•    Midwest – The Holiday gathering has approximately 30 people in attendance. July 19th will be the golf outing at Cedar Chase and the Snowplow Roadeo will be on October 11th.  The Public Works Academy is gaining traction.
•    Northern – no report.  
•    Southwest – The March meeting will be about Bridges, round-table fashion involving MDOT and contractors.  August 3rd will be the golf outing and they are working on organizing other meetings.

New Business

•    MI Career Quest at the Devos Center will have approximately 10,000 high school students attending and the Midwest Branch is taking the lead to represent the Michigan Chapter APWA.  There will be a lot of hands on stimulators.  They would like the tabletop display ready for the April event.  It was moved by Thompson and seconded by Hart to provide the Midwest Branch with $1,000 to use for the MI Career Quest.  All were in favor.
•    The Michigan Chapter has a member who is a finalist in the Jennings-Randall Grant and National APWA has asked that the chapter provide “scholarship” funds to help off-set their costs.  It was discussed that the chapter would consider this once the finalist contacts the executive board.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 pm.
Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from January 26 2017.doc Meeting minutes from January 26 2017.doc

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