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Call to Order by President Hurt at 10:13 am at the J.W. Marriott, Perguia Boardroom

Voting Member of the Executive Committe Attendance
President Hurt            
President Elect Hart            
Vice-President Thompson            
Chapter Treasurer Rader            
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin
Branch Delegate - Northern            Pete Staley
Branch Delegate - Southwest            Barry Cox
1st Past President Skylis            

Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator    Jen Lawson-Water Resources    Taylor Hiner-GCSI    Mark Bonkowski-Sponsor Relations
President Hurt welcomed attendees to this meeting and asked for self-introductions.  

It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hummel to approve the May 23, 2017 meeting minutes.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report-Rader reviewed her written report and all the accounts are looking good.  Rader would like to wrap up all the outstanding bills.  Rader explained that the Revenue and Expense balances are floating amounts due to the timing of the educational seminars.  Rader indicated that there is a tight reporting timeframe for Financials and asked that everyone to remind the branches.  It was moved by Cox and seconded by Hummel to approve the financials as submitted.  All were in favor.

President Elect Hart had nothing to report.

Administrator Spencer reported that Grand Traverse Resort invoiced the chapter for the carpet damage in the Governor’s Hall that occurred during the 2017 Great Lakes Expo.  It was moved by Hummel and seconded by Staley to invoice West Michigan International $250 for the damage their truck did and for the Michigan Chapter to absorb the $150.  All were in favor.

Hummel reviewed the Region V Newsletter.  August 1st Hummel will participate in a meeting of the new Focus Groups.  He reminded
everyone that PWX will be August 27th to 30th, and to look for the Chapter Leadership Forums.   

Detail Reports

a.    Annual Expo Conference debrief.

i.    It was a good conference with a few hiccups.
ii.    The wine tour fees should be increased from $25 to? to cover the costs.
iii.    Welcome Reception was great; well attended
iv.    During the Reception it was suggested to turn down the internal jokes.
v.    Get the information from the speakers earlier
vi.    Have coffee available and left in the carafe.
vii.    Possibly moving the Welcome Reception to the exhibit floor.
viii.    Vendors are already committing to next year.

b.    Communications

i.    Rep Inmann thanked the Michigan Chapter for the invite and is on the schedule for next year.
ii.    The Great Lakes Reporter’s 1st draft will be ready today and the mailing will be the 1st week of July.  Tara/Taylor will be contacting Facebook and get it reset.  They are just asking for more content.

Special Assignment Committee Reports

a.    Membership – Need to look at ways to increase membership.
b.    Continuing Education – reviewed Noah’s email.
c.    Sponsor Relations – Tim Flanagan stepped down and there was discussion about possibly honoring him.
d.    MPSI – the Fall session is all booked and the Spring session is almost full.
e.    Public Works Academy and Public Works Summer Camp – everything is moving forward, the camp flyer has been sent out, will be at Grand Rapids Community College July 17th – 20th.  They are looking at the course work with January 18th start date.
f.    APWA North American Snow Conference – there will be a meeting at 1:30 pm with representatives from National APWA.

Committee Liaison

a.    Diversity – Reviewed Karen’s email, which highlighted 3 PWX meetings.
b.    Water Resources – SIMCOG – Drinking Water Forum was discussed along with looking at the MDEQ website for E Coli spots.  There is a PBS Nova program on the Flint Water Crisis.
c.    Young Professional – There was a conference call and discussion on getting outings established.

 Branch Reports
a.    Detroit Metro- They are looking at either Fowling or Bocci Ball event in the September.  There are (2) scholarships for active members for MPSI.
b.    Downriver – The golf outing was well attended, and August 11th will be the boat outing, launching from Portifino.
c.    Midwest – The golf outing will be July 19th, October 11th will be the Roadeo at MDOT Plainwell, and they are working on the budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.
Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from June 22, 2017.doc Meeting minutes from June 22, 2017.doc

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