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Call to Order by President Skylis at 1:04 pm at the GSCI offices.

Voting Member of the Executive Committee Attendance
President Skylis            
President Elect Hurt            
Vice-President Hart        
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro        Paul Matthews
Branch Delegate - Downriver            John Thompson
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin
Branch Delegate - Northern            Peter Staley
Branch Delegate - Southwest            Kevin Glupker
1st Past President Rohraff            

Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator    Noah Mehalski-Education        Nancy Kolinski        Jen Lawson-Water Resources
Taylor Hiner-GCSI        Tara Paksi-GLR Editor    Jessica Katers-Awards    Tim Flanagan-Sponsor Relations
Karen Mondora-Diversity        Jim Wolfe-Midwest Branch        Evan Pratt
President Skylis welcomed attendees to this meeting and asked for self-introductions.  

It was moved by Rohraff and seconded by Hart to approve the February 22, 2017 meeting minutes with the following changes:  Correct the date of the meeting minutes, remove “both” from the meeting minute approval section, put a space in “Westside”, change the wording in the Legislative and Government Affairs section to “would repeal”, and finally change possibly to “possibility” in the Site selection committee report.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report-no report submitted, President Skylis will contact.

President Elect Hurt had nothing to report.

Administrator Spencer reported there are already 15 people registered for the Great Lakes Expo, along with 1 vendor.  

Summary Reports

a.    Standing Committee Reports
    i.    Membership/boundaries – Thompson reported that the boundary set up will be finalized by the May meeting.
    ii.    Continuing Education/Training-Mehalski reported his is finalizing his speakers for the Great Lakes Expo, the October Training session date has been selected, he will be attending the Midwest Branch’s Roadeo meeting on April 19th to see if a West side training could be connected to the Roadeo.  
    iii.    Legislative and Government Affairs – SB0157’s draft substitution addressed our concerns, but it really does not do anything, it is being pushed by the pipe companies.  Please keep talking to your representatives regarding our concerns.  Tara offered to get a quote for GCSI to start lobbying for the chapter.
    iv.    Sponsor relations – nothing new, but Doug talked with Mark about organizing the raffles at the expo.
b.    Council of Chapters – Tom Trice’s report was reviewed and it included information on National APWA Chapter Relations offering to come to Michigan to do a “Membership 101”, Click/Listen/Learn is included in your membership, the Snow Conference will be April 23rd to April 26th, and PWX registration is now open.  
c.    Communications – Tara is planning on attending the Michigan Quest, the Great Lakes Expo postcards went out last week, Tara is working with Senator Schmidt to try and get him to attend the expo along with Representative Inman.  Jessica Katers is working with the governor’s office to see if we can get someone to attend.  Tara will work with Gary on getting out an e-newsletter on SB0157.
d.    Budget – we need to start looking at a draft budget so we can approve it by June 30th.  Doug will speak with Linnea.
e.    Snow Conference – We are on the short list and are waiting for dates for the site visits in Grand Rapids.  A few volunteers are need to meet with the National people.    
f.    National Committee Liaison
    i.    Diversity – Karen is working on PWX content and her position ends in August 2017.  She recommends that another Michigan Chapter member volunteer for this committee:  3 year commitment, must write one article, and in the 3rd year person may become the committee chair.
    ii.    Water Resources – Jen reported not much new right now, House Bill 4100 the Storm water Utility does not need to have funding in place, and the roads institutions are grumbling—stay tuned.
    iii.    Young Professional – Charles Hart nominated Andrea Pike for this new position.  Andrea will participate in a conference call to keep the board up to date.

Branch reports

i.    Detroit Metro- At the March meeting there were approximately 35 people for the awards luncheon, April 20th meeting will be at the Alibi, and June 23rd will be the golf outing at Fieldstone Golf Course.
ii.    Downriver –March 23rd is the Bruce Edwards Equipment and Trade Show, April 6th will be the Administrative Assistant luncheon, and the golf outing will be June 7th at the Lakes of Taylor.
iii.    Mideast – no report
iv.    Midwest – Rod Korhorn Memorial Golf outing will be July 19th, the Roadeo will be October 11th.    
v.    Northern – there will be a May 2nd meeting in Grayling and April 20th will be the kick off meeting.
vi.    Southwest – not much to report, March 29th there will be a meeting on bridges, and August 3rd will be the golf outing.

Detailed Reports

a.    If you have a nomination for the Hal Hultquist award, please submit to Jessica Katers.  There have been a lot of conference call meetings.  Dan is organizing the golf outing and asks that the vendors get their groups put together.  The Welcome Reception is coming along, Jen and Brandy are working on the budget between the Wine Tour and the Welcome Reception.  A few consultants have asked what they can do.  They are looking into getting bar sponsors.  More details to come as they are finalized.

Special Assignment Committee Reports

a.    Public Works Academy – they are making headway, but currently focusing on the Michigan Quest.  There are a lot of things planned, 60 volunteers working in 3 shifts.
b.    Branch Boundary – continue to have conference calls, working on the top 3 areas of concern, final recommendation in May.
c.    Evan Pratt – Evan handed out a report on the State Infrastructure and reviewed some points.  Evan also explained what he hopes to accomplish while traveling abroad.  He will present his findings at both PWX and the Michigan Chapter Great Lakes Expo.  It was moved by Hurt and seconded by Hummel for the Michigan Chapter to support Evan Pratt’s Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program request for sponsorship of $1,000.  All were in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:04 pm.
Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from March 20, 2017.doc Meeting minutes from March 20, 2017.doc

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