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Call to Order by President Skylis at 10:10 am at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Mackinaw A.

Voting Member of the Executive Committee Attendance
President Skylis            
President Elect Hurt            
Vice-President Hart        
Chapter Treasurer Rader            
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro            Paul Matthews
Branch Delegate - Downriver            Mark Gaworecki
Branch Delegate - Mideast            Bill Bohlen
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin
Branch Delegate - Northern            John Hines
Branch Delegate - Southwest            Barry Cox
1st Past President Rohraff            
2nd Past President Mekjian            
Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator    Peter Staley – Northern VP    Karen Mondora – Diversity    Tara Paksi – GLR      
Tim Flanagan – Sponsor Relations        Jessica Katers – Awards     Todd Sneathen-Membership     Nancy Kolinski
Rich Berning-Region V APWA Director          Brandy Siedlaczek-Water Resources Co-Chair     Jen Lawson-Water Resources Co-Chair
Duane Poole-Metro Detroit          Mark Bonkowski-Sponsor Relations      Noah Mehalski - Education
President Skylis welcomed everyone and asked for self-introductions.

It was moved by Hines and seconded by Cox to approve the April 27, 2017 meeting minutes with the noted changes.  1. Change “March 20” to “April 27” in the top heading. 2. Change “Hiner” to “Hines” in the Treasurer’s report. 3. Change “expect” to “except” in the Legislative and Government Affairs section. 4. Delete the “A” in MAPSI to make it MPSI.  All were in favor.

Treasurer Rader reviewed the proposed budget and now everything is balanced, she reminded everyone the calendar year is July 1st to June 30th.  There was discussion on the Legislative Meet and Greet and providing seed money for new branches.  Rader reminded all branches that their budget report is due to her by July 15th and no later.  Branch rebates will not be paid if these reports are not submitted on time.  It was moved by Hines and seconded by Mekjian to adopt the 2017-2018 Budget as presented.  

President-Elect Hurt reported that the APWA shirts he purchased for the chapter are $10 for the executive board and the remaining would be sold for $30 per shirt.  Hurt is looking to add people to the various committees.
Administrator Spencer reported there are 57 exhibitor representatives and 143 attendees registered for the 2017 Great Lakes Expo.  Doug and Tracy previously discussed the work load and ways to distribute it so she is not overwhelmed.  Raffle tickets were discussed and it was decided that you must be present to win the prizes.  There was discussion on presenting prizes for the golf outing during the Welcome Reception.  It was moved by Mekjian and seconded by Hines to provide $500 in various prizes.  All were in favor.

Council of Chapters Hummel reported that National APWA has approved and put their Strategic Plan in place.  There will be Focus Groups in place of committees.  

Site Selection Rohraff reported that Treetop does not have an Expo space indoors to accommodate the large equipment and the rooms are currently being remodeled.  There was discussion that the hotel is a little smaller and somewhat secluded.  After more discussion, it was moved by Mekjian and seconded by Rader to negotiate a one year extension with Grand Traverse Resort.  All were in favor.

Special Assignment Committee Reports

a.    Branch Boundary Sneathen reviewed the goals of the branch boundary committee.  He discussed what the feedback from the branches were and the committee is recommending Alternate 1.  The Southwest branch there was much difference between the three alternatives presented.  The Northern branch supports the U.P. having a separate branch.  There was discussion that every member has a choice of which branch event they wish to attend, so it may not affect attendance as much as we think.  It was moved by Mekjian and seconded by Hines to adopt Alternative 1 as the new branch boundaries.  11 voting members were in favor, 1 voting member voted nay so the motion passed.
b.    Michigan Night – There is discussion on combining with Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa branches at Mangos.  Dinner and entertainment would be approximately $90 per person.  More details to follow.  

Standing Committee Reports

a.    Membership – no report.         
b.    Continuing Education/Training – Noah reports everything looks good for this conference and he is looking to combine training during the Midwest Snowplow Roadeo.  He has booked the Suburban Showplace on November 2nd for the fall training session.   
c.    Legislative and Government Affairs – House Bill No. 4100 seems to be gaining traction and may get introduced soon.  Mekjian reports there is an attorney suing Southwest Michigan cities on how they are spending their general fund.  The CDL medical certification vote is next week, call your reps if you are concerned.
d.    Sponsor Relations – Mark and Tim are working on the raffle prizes.  
e.    MPSI - Rader reports that the Fall Session is booked.     
f.    Public Works Academy – They are currently working on the agenda.  There will be a camp July 17th-20th at Grand Rapids Community College, registration is $25.  The committee is looking into grant/funding.  They are making good progress and have January 18th as the target start date.
g.    Annual Conference – It looks like it will be a good conference.
h.    Snow Conference – There is a meeting on June 22nd in Grand Rapids with the National APWA Snow Conference site selection staff and Experience GR.

National Committee Liaison

a.    Diversity – they are currently working on some Diversity content for PWX.
b.    Water Resources – MWEA will have a meeting next month at Boyne Mountain Resort.

Branch Reports
•    Detroit Metro – The golf outing will be June 23rd at Fieldstone Golf Course.  
•    Downriver – June 7th at the Lakes of Taylor for this year’s golf outing and August 11th will be the boat outing.  
•    Mideast – Golf outing will be July 26th, and they are looking to get more active.    
•    Midwest – This year’s Snowplow Roadeo will be held at the MDOT Plainwell location, July 19th is the golf outing at Cedar Chase and they will have Asset Management meeting in June.  They have sent (1) scholarship attendee to the 2017 Great Lakes Expo.
•    Northern – September 6th they will be having an European Pheasant Hunt and September 7th will be the Annual Equipment Show.
•    Southwest – August 3rd golf outing will be at the Medalist and they are willing to help with the Snow Plow Roadeo.    

New Business
•    QBS is asking for $500 support.  There was discussion on the bill being introduced but has not moved to committee.  It was moved by Hurt and seconded by Bohlen to donate $500 to QBS to show support.  6 voting members were in favor, 4 voting members were opposed.  The motion passed.

Skylis closed the meeting by thanking everyone for the past year’s support and he is planning on sticking around.

Tracy J. Spencer
Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from May 23, 2017.doc Meeting minutes from May 23, 2017.doc

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