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Call to Order by President Skylis at 12:40 pm at the GSCI offices.

Voting Member of the Executive Committee Attendance    

President Skylis            
President Elect Hurt            
Vice-President Hart            via conference call
Chapter Treasurer Rader            via conference call
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro        Paul Matthews via conference call
Branch Delegate - Downriver            Mark Gaworecki
Branch Delegate - Mideast            Bill Bohlen via conference call
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin via conference call
Branch Delegate - Northern            John Hines
Branch Delegate - Southwest            Barry Cox via conference call
1st Past President Rohraff            
2nd Past President Mekjian            
Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator    Jen Lawson-Water Resources    Taylor Hiner-GCSI    Jessica Katers-Awards
Tim Flanagan-Sponsor Relations        Karen Mondora-Diversity        Brandy Siedlaczek-Water Resource Co-Chair
John Thompson – Membership/Boundary    Tara Paksi-GCSI        Carl Fedders-Southwest Branch
President Skylis welcomed attendees to this meeting and asked for self-introductions.  

It was moved by Rohraff and seconded by Hart to approve the March 20, 2017 meeting minutes with the following changes:  Insert “Career” between Michigan and Quest in both the Communications section and Public Works Academy section.  Change “Dan” to “Don” in the Detailed Reports section.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report-Rader reviewed her written report.  The accounts are in good shape with approximately $25,000 in profit for the year.  Registration fees were lower than expected, but nothing too problematic.  Rader also review the draft budget and noted that the Registration fees are lower due to there being no Winter Fleet Session.  Hiner indicated the Northern Branch will provide seed money for a new UP Branch.  There was also discussion on providing seed money for all branches or just for any new branch that is created.  It was moved by Hurt and seconded by Thompson to move $10,000 from the fund balance to use as a new branch fund placeholder.  All were in favor.  There was also discussion on branch rebates.  It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Rohraff to determine how many years the chapter did not issue branch rebates and to pay $4 per member per year to make up the deficient.  12 in favor and 1 opposed.  Motion passed.

President Elect Hurt had nothing to report.

Administrator performance review – Rohraff met with Spencer and reviewed the changes.  Discussed getting support/help during the conference and with the website.    

Summary Reports
a.    Standing Committee Reports
    i.    Membership/boundaries – Thompson reported membership numbers look good and will have a recommendation for branch boundaries at the May meeting.
    ii.    Continuing Education/Training-report submitted via email.  
    iii.    Legislative and Government Affairs – Not much is happening, SB0157 had a little movement.  Mekjian testified against, democrats are opposed to Bill 0157, many of the co-writers of 0157 are now removing themselves after hearing from their constituents.  House Bill 4100 has been referred to the House, waiting to see what is happening but we are opposed.  A CDL correction bill has been introduced which reverses everything expect for fire fighters.  
    iv.    Sponsor relations – There was some discussion about the break-out or mini sessions on the Expo floor.  They want to make sure there is fleet participation.
    v.    MPSI – Doug will be attending MAPSI.  
b.    Council of Chapters – Rich Berning’s report reviewed.  The Council of Chapters is to provide direction to the steering committee.
c.    Communications – Things are excellent; good money coming in; great articles all ready for the next issue.  She contacted Representative Inmann who will issue a Proclamation/Resolution for Public Works Week.  Senator Schmidt is limited to (2) Proclamations per year.  Both Tara and Taylor were thanked for coming to the Michigan Career Quest.  There were approximately 10,000 students there and some signed the Snow Plows that were on display.
d.    Snow Conference – There will be a meeting at the JW Marriott in the Perugia Room on June 22nd with the National APWA representatives and Experience GR.    

National Committee Liaison
i.    Diversity – Karen is working on PWX content.  Skylis thanked her for recruiting a Young Professional representative.  
ii.    Water Resources – nothing new to report.
iii.    Young Professional – This is just getting off the ground so they are still looking for more committee members.   They participate in a monthly conference call which has an educational portion.  

Branch reports
i.    Detroit Metro- There were 45 people at the April meeting.  June 23rd is the golf outing at Fieldstone Golf Course.  They have awarded (4) ½ scholarships to MPSI, and (6) scholarships to the 2017 Great Lakes Expo.  
ii.    Downriver –March 23rd was the Bruce Edwards Equipment and Trade Show with over 500 people in attendance which is the largest show to date.  The golf outing will be June 7th at the Lakes of Taylor, and August 11th will be the Annual Boat Outing.
iii.    Mideast – no activity, but the golf outing will be on July 26th.
iv.    Midwest – The Michigan Career Quest had approximately 30 volunteers and was a nice event.  Rod Korhorn Memorial Golf outing will be July 19th, the Roadeo will be October 11th.  They are currently taking applications for scholarships: (1) new attendee to the Great Lakes Expo.   
v.    Northern – no report.
vi.    Southwest – March 29th meeting on bridges had approximately 40 attendees, June 14th meeting will be the Port Processing Plant tour, and August 3rd will be the golf outing at the Medalist.  They awarded (3) Great Lakes Expo scholarships.

Detailed Reports
a.    Budget – Discussed during Treasurer’s report.
b.    Site Selection – Treetop visit went well, large equipment would be displayed outside.  Committee is getting peppered with commitment requests for the 2018/2019 conferences.  He will contact all prospective locations and ask for an extension until June 1st.  A decision will be made during the 2017 Great Lakes Expo.

Special Assignment Committee Reports
a.    Public Works Academy – no new update.
b.    Branch Boundary – will make a formal recommendation at the May meeting.
c.    Annual Conference – just wrapping up a few things, but looking good.
d.    Michigan Night in Orlando – no new update.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm.
Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from April 27, 2017.doc Meeting minutes from April 27, 2017.doc

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