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Call to Order by President Skylis at 2:03 pm at the GSCI offices.

Voting Member of the Executive Committee Attendance    

President Skylis        
President Elect Hurt            
Vice-President Hart            
Chapter Delegate Hummel            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro        Paul Matthews
Branch Delegate - Downriver            Mark Gaworecki
Branch Delegate - Mideast            Tom Svrcek
Branch Delegate - Midwest            Bart Franklin
Branch Delegate - Northern            John Hines
1st Past President Rohraff            
Also in attendance:

Tracy Spencer – Administrator        John Thompson-Membership    Noah Mehalski-Education        Nancy Kolinski
Taylor Hiner-GCSI        Tara Paksi-GLR Editor    Jessica Katers-Awards
President Skylis welcomed attendees to this meeting and asked for self-introductions.  

It was moved by Hart and seconded by Rohraff to approve both January 26, 2017 meeting minutes with the following changes:  Change “The” to “He” in the Council of Chapters section and change “stimulators” to “simulators” in the New Business section.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report-no report submitted but President Skylis expressed the chapter is still adjusting to the new fiscal year so revenues are up and expenses are down.  

President Elect Hurt reported the Chapter Leadership meeting was last week and he learned a great deal; heard lots of good ideas and suggests we look for an alternate for the Council of Chapters delegate and try to increase our social media presence.  He learned that surrounding states are competing with us for the 2021 Snow Conference.  He discussed Michigan Night in Orlando, Florida and indicated that Wisconsin may want to combine with us for the dinner.

Administrator Spencer postponed her report until the State Conference is discussed.

Summary Reports
a.    Standing Committee Reports
    i.    Membership/boundaries – Thompson reported there have been a few new members, but did not have exact membership numbers.  Boundary survey was sent out with approximately 182 responses received.  He will send out the results to the branches.  Time and geography seem to be the biggest limitation for participation.  The survey officially closes February 28th and then he will have a conference call with his committee members.
    ii.    Continuing Education/Training-Mehalski reports the October Training session date will be selected shortly and the committee members were selected for this meeting.  He is looking at doing a Westside of the state training session, dates and topic are up for discussion.
    iii.    Legislative and Government Affairs – DOT medical requirements went away or no longer required.  Bill 4001 repelled the income tax from 4.25 down to 3.95.
    iv.    PACE Award – we got a request from Wisconsin asking us to submit for the PACE award.  We are not meeting all of the requirements; and we do not want to lose focus on what we are doing now.  There were 26 projects submitted and 12 projects were selected.
    v.    Sponsor relations – no report.
b.    Council of Chapters – Hummel reviewed the Region V Newsletter.  He reported that you can start submitting for National Committee positions on February 21st.  National Public Works Week is May 21st to 27th and if you need promotional material to put in your request to National soon.  He reported that National Chapter Relations employees are available to come out for training.  
c.    Communications – Good news, advertising is up and $17,000 of the $24,000 sold advertising has already been collected.  The draft of the Great Lakes Reporter is at the printer.  Currently, there are (3) Platinum Level, (1) Gold Level, and (2) Silver Level sponsors.
d.    Snow Conference – We are on the short list and site visits will be scheduled soon.

Branch reports
i.    Detroit Metro- The golf outing will be June 23rd at Fieldstone Golf Course, March 16th will be the Awards presentation meeting.
ii.    Downriver – The joint Downriver/Detroit Metro meeting had approximately 65 people in attendance to hear the MML update, March 23rd is the Bruce Edwards Equipment and Trade Show, April 6th will be the Administrative Assistant luncheon, and the golf outing will be June 7th.
iii.    Mideast – February 7th there was an executive board meeting, trying to get it back on track, golf outing will be July 26th.
iv.    Midwest – Rod Korhorn Memorial Golf outing will be July 19th, they are working/planning the Roadeo for October 11th at MDOT facility with possible MML/CRA updates.  
v.    Northern – attendance is up, the UP should be a separate branch and they would be willing to help sponsor set up costs, September 7th will be the Equipment Show.
vi.    Southwest – no report.

Detailed Reports
a.    Annual Conference – The conference registration forms are all set up and ready to go, the website has been set up and just needs a few details.  The golf outing is set up with a 1 pm shot gun start with lunch at the turn for $90.  Mark and Noah will work on getting raffle prizes, and there was discussion on speaker gifts.  There will be a Local Wineries Tour and Tasting which Brandy and Jen are working on, and the cost per member will be $25.  There will be mini “sessions” or commercials on the Expo floor.

Special Assignment Committee Reports
a.    Public Works Academy – no report
b.    Branch Boundary – discussed during Membership report.
c.    Site selection committee – It was reported that the proposals have come in and a site visit to Tree Tops is scheduled for the end of the month.  Thompson discussed the possibly of having a tent in the parking lot at Shanty Creek, but found out it is not doable.  It was suggested that equipment could be parked on the grass, but it was decided the equipment would be too heavy.  Only two sites can accommodate the equipment on the Expo floor, Lansing and Grand Traverse Resort.  

New Business
•    President Skylis reminded Rohraff that the Administrator Evaluation is due in April.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.
Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator
Meeting minutes from February 22, 2017(2).doc Meeting minutes from February 22, 2017(2).doc

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