Call to Order by President Hurt at 9:09 am at the GSCI offices.


Voting Member of the        Attendance  
Executive Committee Yes No  
President Hurt X    
President Elect Hart X    
Vice-President Thompson X    
Chapter Treasurer Rader X    
Chapter Delegate Hummel X    
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Duane Poole
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Tom Wilson
Branch Delegate - Mideast   X  
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Jim Wolford
Branch Delegate - Northern X   Peter Staley
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Kevin Glupker
1st Past President Skylis X    
2nd Past President Rohraff X    
Quorum (7 Needed) 12 1  

 Also in attendance:

 Tracy Spencer – Administrator         Brandy Siedlaczek -Water Resources                             Taylor Hiner-GCSI

Jessica Katers-Awards/Conference Chair                      Nancy Kolinski-Volunteer Coordinator

Mark Bonkowski – Sponsor Relations Co-Chair            Gary Mekjian-Government Affairs   


President Hurt welcomed new branch presidents, attendees, and Tara to this meeting and asked for self-introductions. 


It was moved by Rader and seconded by Hummel to approve the December 6, 2017 meeting minutes with the following changes:  Hart, not Hurt in the President Elect report and in the Great Lakes Expo report it should read:  James Hurt will invite Scott Grayson (Executive Director) to our Great Lakes Expo.  All were in favor.


Site Selection Thompson reviewed the Site Selection Cost Comparison, discussed the survey results, discussed the expo space requirements and the committee is recommending that we move to Tree Tops Resort.  After some discussion it was decided that Tara would call both Grand Traverse Resort and Tree Tops to get some clarification on space availability.  A visit to both sites may be needed.


Treasurer’s report-Rader discussed the fund balance/total funds/restricted funds.  She discussed how we are continually taking in revenue for various education sessions and it is difficult to separate into each session.   She reported that the October/November Fleet session is losing money, but the state conference made a profit. 


President Elect Hart did not have anything to report.    


Administrator Spencer discussed that there are several branch executive board members who are not listed at National APWA members and they must clear this up to stay on the board.


Council of Chapters Hummel has been assigned the K-12 Outreach section, he discussed the February Leadership Meeting, reminded everyone about the Snow Conference details and brought up the possibility of having the Legislative Reception again in March or April.


Strategic Planning Update – Hurt reviewed the handout and thanked everyone for stepping up and working towards our goals.




Branch Reports   

  1. Central – there was no representative present, but Hurt reminded everyone of the name change.
  2. Detroit Metro – Duane Poole reported that the January meeting had a good turnout with a few new boundary members.  The February 15th meeting is the Joint meeting with the Downriver Branch at the Atwater Brewery.  March meeting will be the Project of the Year awards presentation, April meeting will be Snowglo, June 29th will be the golf outing and December 13th will be the Holiday meeting.
  3. Downriver – Tom Wilson reported March 22nd will be the Equipment Show and June 6th is the golf outing – sells out quickly.  They have had many MPSI scholarship applications and it was suggested that some be forwarded to Mary Bender for consideration.
  4. Mideast – no report. 
  5. Midwest – Jim reported that the December meeting had 2 times the attendees and they raised $1,000 for Kids Basket.  They are working on raising their membership numbers, July will be their golf outing and October will be the Snow Plow Roadeo.
  6. Northern – Peter reported the January 10, 2018 meeting was a Welcome to the New Year meeting in Traverse City.  March 27th meeting will be at the EJ Foundry, April 19th will be a joint meeting and September 6th will be their equipment show.
  7. Southwest – Kevin reported the December 13th holiday/election luncheon had approximately 60 attendees.  The January meeting was the branch elections, there will be a March 21st meeting in Kalamazoo, and the golf outing will be on August 2nd. 
  8. Upper Peninsula – Hurt has not gotten much response, but Cambensy is working on getting the branch started.


Detailed Reports

  1. Great Lakes Expo – Katers reported that Doug Cartland has been verified as the Keynote Speaker.  The committee went over the Call for Presentations and all sessions have been finalized.  This year’s theme is “Shut Up and Listen:  How to Tell our Stories.  Awards have been submitted and selected.  Bonkowski reviewed the Expo Floor plan and talked about the possibility of having booths in the Pre-Function area and hallway.
  2. Communications – Taylor reported there are 20 chapter sponsors, 2 new Silver Level, 2 new Sponsors and there are 17 advertisers.  The next Great Lakes Reporter should mail out in Mid-March.  It was suggested that the 2018 Sponsorship form should be sent out to all the membership.
  3. Outreach/Marketing – We reviewed the submitted report.
  4. Membership- Thompson reviewed his submitted report.  The committee feels most efforts should be at the branch level with the Chapter supporting their efforts.  Ashley will be looking at the delinquent/past due members/fell off members.  Nancy will be heading the Technical Presentation list that branches can use for their meeting.  Branches should let Nancy what presentations are good so they can be included in the list.


Special Assignment Committee Reports


  1. Branch Boundary Changes – Notification to APWA National.  Both new branches are working on getting their 10 signatures, working on the Branch By-Laws, and getting the letter from James Hurt recommending they be added.
  2. Public Works Academy – Jim Wolford reported that the Kellogg’s Foundation is funding 90% of the fees.  March 21st is the start date with a May graduation.  Participation is $25 and there is not a guarantee of a job, but a guarantee job interview.


Standing Committee Reports

  1. Continuing Education – reviewed his submitted report.  Finalizing Fleet tract for the Expo and working with the Metro Branch on SPOT Training.
  2. Legislative and Government Affairs – Gary Mekjian submitted report was reviewed.  SB 637 (Hune) Standardizes permits, fees, right-of-way use, and other regulation of wireless service providers.  The committee opposes this bill.  It gives unfettered access to all public rights-of-way for towers and poles to go in.  It appears the legislature is going to ram this through.  CALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS TO OPPOSE THIS BILL.  Also, Lead and Copper Rule:  This is said to be the Governors highest priority before leaving office.  MDEQ SHOULD HAVE THEIR DRAFT OUT FOR COMMENT ON FEBRUARY 15, 2018.
  3. Sponsor Relations – covered in Great Lakes Expo section.
  4. MPSI – Spring 2018 is full for 1st year and the Fall 2018 is filling up fast.
  5. Volunteer coordination – Nancy finalized the letter coming from James Hurt introducing the Volunteer Committee.  Please let Nancy know if you need volunteers for your events.
  6. Young Professionals – Pike submitted a report.  They are working on an event in March either at Atwater Brewery or Motor City Brewery, probably in the third week.  It was suggested that the YP group take over the current Facebook page, but look into the possibility of changing the name.  It currently is American Public works Association Michigan Chapter.  It was suggested that the next event be planned for the west side of Michigan.
  7. Water Resources – reviewed the submitted report.  Registration is open for the February Click, Listen and Learn webinar Innovative Financing for Water Resources.




New Business

  1. There was discussion on nominating Evan Pratt as At-Large Director to National Environmental Mgmt. Committee.  It was moved by Rader and seconded by Wolford to nominate Evan Pratt as At-Large Director to National Environmental Management Committee.  All were in favor.  James Hurt will send a letter of support from the Michigan Chapter.
  2. Financial Policies will have more information at the March meeting, branch rebate needs to be finalized.
  3. Appointment of Executive Committee Officers Policy – James discussed the proposed change in the branch rotation.  There was discussion on what “qualified” means.



The meeting was adjourned at 12:27 pm


Tracy J. Spencer - Chapter Administrator

Meeting minutes from January 25, 2018.doc Meeting minutes from January 25, 2018.doc

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