Call to Order by President Hurt at 9:16 am at the GSCI offices.


Voting Member of the        Attendance  
Executive Committee Yes No  
President Hurt X    
President Elect Hart X    
Vice-President Thompson X    
Chapter Treasurer Rader   X  
Chapter Delegate Hummel X    
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Duane Poole
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Tom Wilson
Branch Delegate - Mideast   X  
Branch Delegate - Midwest   X  
Branch Delegate - Northern X   Peter Staley
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Kevin Glupker
1st Past President Skylis X    
2nd Past President Rohraff X    
Quorum (7 Needed)   10   3  

 Also in attendance:


Brandy Siedlaczek -Water Resources                             Taylor Hiner-GCSI               Tara Paksi-Great Lakes Reporter

Jessica Katers-Awards/Conference Chair                      Jen Lawson-Outreach

Mark Bonkowski – Sponsor Relations Co-Chair            Noah Mehalski-Education


President Hurt asked for self-introductions.

It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hart to approve the January 25, 2018 meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – no report, Rader not in attendance

President Elect Report – no report

Administrator’s Report – no report, Spencer not in attendance

Council of Chapter – Hummel discussed the joint tech committee meetings he was in attendance for on February 1 and 2. He explained the K-12 outreach has revisited how to approach scholarship best practices and that they’ve put in a request for money to revamp learning materials.

Strategic Planning Update – Hurt thanked all who have kept this moving forward

Branch Reports

  • Central – no report, no representative in attendance
  • Detroit Metro – Poole reported that March 15 is the next meeting where they will be presenting their branch awards. June 29th will be the golf outing.
  • Downriver – Wilson reported that there were 90 members at their joint meeting with Detroit Metro. The Trade Show will be March 22 at the Detroit Metro Airport and June 6th is the golf outing.
  • Mideast – no report, no representative in attendance
  • Midwest – Hurt reported that the Snowplow Roadeo will be held in Norton Shores this year and gave an update on the Public Works Academy. Explained it has been gaining momentum and that GRCC has secured funding from the Kellogg’s foundation. They will be attending the Career Quest again on April 25 in Grand Rapids.
  • Northern – Staley has nothing new to report
  • Southwest – Glupker reported that the branch is working on membership development. They plan on contacting John LaMacchia to report at their next meeting. The golf outing will be August 2.
  • Upper Peninsula – Hurt reported that Cambensy is still working on getting signatures.

Detailed Reports

  • Great Lakes Expo – Katers reported that they presenters have been sent their times and award winners have been notified. The wine tour and golf outing are on track. Mark and Ashley continue to work with vendors.
  • Communications/Social Media – Hiner reported we are up to 23 sponsors and 27 advertisers. The Expo Registration postcard went out early February. She will give Andrea Pike access to Facebook and move forward with Instagram and Twitter.
  • Marketing and Outreach – Lawson reported that the Public Works Open House hosted by Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County will be May 2. Invites will be going out to elected officials.
  • Membership – Thompson reported that he is suggesting more branches have joint meetings to reinforce networking. He also suggested engaging more on social media. Nancy is creating a presenters list to offer branches and that they plan to create a living document to help branches be successful. Ashley and Carl are working on pulling a list of new members quarterly to distribute a new member packet explaining what APWA is and what we do. He recommended reaching out to members who haven’t renewed.
  • Site Selection Committee – Paksi reported that Grand Traverse is not able to accommodate the Expo for 2019 in the week we want, but they’re working on 2010. She explained how the setup at Treetops would work. Thompson suggested that the incoming president be chair of the site selection committee. It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Staley to move forward with a formal proposal from Treetops for 2019 with an option for 2020 and approval for the President’s signature.

Special Assignment Committee Reports

  • Branch Boundary Changes – Hurt to reach out to Cambensy and Hart to reach out to Sneathen. Find out when the National board meets to get the new branches on their agenda.
  • Public Works Academy – report in Midwest branch report.

Standing Committee Reports

  • Continuing Education/Training – Mehalski reported that he is working with Nancy on volunteer opportunities. A presenter dropped, but he is already working with another. For the expo in Fall 2018, he needs direction and will work with Linnea on getting final numbers from 2017.
  • Diversity – no report
  • Legislative and Government Affairs – Mekjian submitted a written report which was reviewed by those in attendance. 
  • Sponsor Relations – Bonkowski reported that 48 of the 58 booths have been reserved and there are 10 in the hallway still available. There were discussions about sessions on the vendor floor, Hurt to defer to Bonkowski if he wants to sell those.
  • MPSI – Thompson reported that many who sign up are not MI-APWA members. He will coordinate with Mary Bender to set up a membership booth to encourage sign ups. Hart recommended a distinction in fees.
  • Volunteer Coordination – Hurt is working on an introduction memo. There is a list of what the needs are and how many people to be sent out.
  • Young Professionals – Hart reported that Andrea Pike is working on setting up the events. Suggested the third week of March for a meeting at Atwater to explain what the organization is and what the benefits are. They will ask for sponsors, see how it goes then move it centrally/west side.
  • Water Resources – no report

New Business

  • Harold M. Hultquist Award Nominations – Hurt asked for the criteria, which was read to the group. He will send an email asking for nominations to be discussed at the March meeting.
  • GCSI Contract Update – Hart reported that there have been conversations to include additional services, including social media, attendance at more meetings and website help. Paksi to work on contract update and send to Hurt who will send to the board. Skylis said we should plan to take action at the March meeting.
  • Financial Policies – Hurt passed out the general financial guidelines policy considerations and asked for feedback.
  • Appointment of Executive Committee Officers Policy – Hurt passed out the Election Process Policy which proposed the dates for branch nominations for Vice President. It was moved by Thompson and seconded by Hart to adopt the policy from James for the chapter election process for branch nominations in alphabetical order.
  • Chapter Night for PWX – Thompson reported they have previously has 30-35 at Chapter Night. There was discussion about getting a suite for the baseball game between the Royals and the Tigers. He will reach out to the Royals regarding tickets for the Tuesday night game and will let other chapters know this is what we plan on doing.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:07 pm.

Meeting minutes from February 22, 2018.doc Meeting minutes from February 22, 2018.doc

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