EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting March 20, 2018


Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Hurt  X  
President Elect Hart  X  
Vice-President Thompson  X  
Chapter Treasurer Rader  
Chapter Delegate Hummel    X
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X    Duane Poole      
Branch Delegate - Downriver X    Tom Wilson      
Branch Delegate - Mideast   X        
Branch Delegate - Midwest   X        
Branch Delegate - Northern X    Pete Staley      
Branch Delegate - Southwest X    Amy Gilson      
1st Past President Skylis  X  
2nd Past President Rohraff  
Quorum (10 Needed)  8 5


Also in attendance:  Jen Lawson-Outreach and Marketing Chair, Jessica Katers-Conference and Awards Chair, Ashley Schmuck-Sponsor Relations Co-Chair, Tracy Spencer-Administrator, Tara Paksi-Great Lakes Reporter Editor, Taylor Hiner-GCSI, Nancy Kolinski-Volunteer Coordinator.


  1. Call to Order by President Hurt at 9:13 am and asked for introduction of Members/Guests.  Hurt shared that Henry Lybeck passed away on 3/19/18, he will be missed by many; great contributor to APWA and suggest that the chapter acknowledge all members who have passed this past year.


  1. It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Staley to approve the February 22, 2018 Minutes with the following (2) changes in the Detailed Reports section:  1. Change “they” to “the” in the Great Lakes Expo first sentence, 2. Change “2010” to “2020” in the Site Selection Committee.  All were in favor.


  1. Treasurer’s Report-There is not much change from last month’s report.  We need to have a Draft Budget by April, so we need to have time at the April meeting to discuss the budget.  One item we need to consider is a special budget line for our special programs.  Lawson discussed the APWA Open House for Elected Officials on May 3rd as part of the Outreach Committee.  It was moved by Thompson and seconded by Skylis to approve $2,000 for promotional items, food and beverages for the APWA Open House for Elected Officials event.  All were in favor.


  1. President Elect Report-Hart is looking forward to the next year and has selected a few items to focus on, including the PACE Award submittal for 2019.


  1. Administrator’s Report-Spencer reported she is talking with National about setting up Folders on the website to organize the Meeting Minutes.  Spencer also discussed the website link to the Expo and various difficulties.


  1. Reports – Moved to top of agenda due to availability
    1. Membership (Thompson) – The committee met at the beginning of March and Nancy is working on the presentation lists that will be available to all branches.  Ashley has reached out to the Branches to obtain their list of members.  John has drafted a cover letter explaining the intent of the Membership package and its possible benefits.  Finally, a booth has been ordered and is expected to be completed for it’s use at the upcoming Spring MPSI.


  1. Michigan Night at PWX (Thompson)-The Chicago Metro chapter is having a pig roast on Saturday, August 25th, which we have been invited to.  Thompson looked into getting a Suite for Michigan Night, Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals on Tuesday, August 28th.  Hotdogs, popcorn, game ticket, soft drinks are approximately $145 and the suite holds 20 – 30 people and charging our members $20.  Thompson will book the suite for the first 20 people and if there is more interest he will look at getting a larger suite.


  1. Site Selection Committee Recommendation Update (Paksi and Thompson)- 2019 will be at Treetop Resort with Tara and Taylor visiting Treetops to see the layout and make sure it will accommodate our conference.  We have received a response from Grand Traverse Resort for 2020, (1) for the week of May 5th – 8th, and (2) for our regular week before Memorial Day, and they would like an answer by March 30th.  We need to move forward and make a decision.


  1. Volunteer Coordination (Kolinski)-we reviewed the 2018 Great Lakes Expo Volunteer spreadsheet that Nancy put together.  Please send Nancy any questions or requests for help.


  1. Council of Chapters Report (Hummel) – no submitted report.


  1. Strategic Planning Update (Hurt)-thanked the group and acknowledged the momentum we have made, things are coming together.



  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central (Sneathen)-Hurt reported that he has not heard much but expects to have the signatures and By-Laws by the end of the month.


  1. Detroit Metro (Poole)-Project of the Year Award presentations were this month and it was a good meeting.  Poole is working on the SPOT training for this fall and he is working on getting branch membership list organized.  April 19th meeting will be hosted by Snoglo in Novi and they will be providing lunch.


  1. Downriver (Wilson)-The branch will be awarding (8) MPSI scholarships at $325 each.  March 22nd will be the Equipment and Tradeshow and they are looking at good weather and attendance.  June 6th will be the annual golf outing, get your registrations in because it fills up fast.


  1. Mideast (Klaassen)-Doug talked with Bill Bohlen and Bill is willing to support the branch but is not interested in being the branch President.  The branch is pretty much dead, the chapter needs to reach out and help recruit.  Karen Murphy is willing to stay on as Secretary/Treasurer and Doug is willing to take the reins and help.


  1. Midwest (Wolford)-There was a meeting last week for the Public Works Academy-kicking off April 11th.  The committee is working with Grand Rapids Community College.  The Gerald Ford Job Corp is very interested in this program.  The golf outing is scheduled with information coming soon.  The branch is having a Lunch and Learn program today.


  1. Northern (Staley)-March 28th will be the EJ Foundry tour and it filled up quickly.  Members are encouraged to come and tour the Foundry since it will not be opened much longer. 


  1. Southwest (Glupker)-The will be a meeting tomorrow.  They will be awarding 1st Timer scholarship for $500 to the Great Lakes Expo.  Their golf outing will be August 2nd at the Medalist.


  1. Upper Peninsula (Cambensy)-Half of the signatures are ready and they are working on the By-Laws.  It was suggested that we forward the First Timer membership discount to Cambensy.


  1. Detailed reports (10-15 minutes)
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference (Katers et al.)- Northern/Midwest/Southwest branches need to submit their Meritorious Service award names by April 1st if they plan on awarding one.  There was a conference call yesterday:  Nancy is looking for more volunteers, Peter is working on getting speaker introduction paragraphs.  There will work on the flow of the banquet, looking at changing the awards to an acrylic teardrop.  The Hal Hultquist Award was discussed with two names that were submitted.  It was moved by Hurt and seconded by Skylis to nominate the discussed individual.  All were in favor.


  1. Communications/Social Media (Paksi) – Taylor is tweeting now and has taken control of the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the chapter.  She will reach out and get resolutions for Public Works Week.  We reviewed the submitted report, which highlighted the number of sponsors, advertisers and revenue collected.


  1. Marketing and Outreach (Lawson)-There was discussion on the Ann Arbor Open House.  Lawson is looking for people to interview for the Marketing part of the committee.


  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports ( 5 minutes)
    1. Branch Boundary Changes – no report.


  1. Public Works Academy-was discussed during the Midwest Branch update.


  1. Standing Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Continuing Education/Training (Mehalski)-Mehalski is looking for direction for the fall meeting- possibly partnering with SEMCOG and whether we will continue at the Novi Showplace.  He is finalizing the May Fleet conference sessions. 


  1. Diversity (Mondora)-no report.


  1. Legislative and Government Affairs (Mekjian)-no report.


  1. Sponsor Relations (Bonkowski)-no report.


  1. MPSI (Rader)-no report.


  1. Young Professionals (Pike)-She will book the first YP event either April 20th or 27th.  Pike will look into getting a bar date for the YP group during the Great Lakes Expo, more details to follow.


  1. Water Resources (Siedlaczek)-no report.



  1. New Business
    1. Harold M. Hultquist Award Nominations-discussed during Great Lakes Expo update.


  1. GCSI Contract Update-the contract expired December 2017, but we have paid through February 2018.  In the new proposed contract there are some increased duties including social media, contract negotiations, and extra meeting date coverage.  There will be an increase of $2,100 monthly for the 1st year, and $2,200 monthly the 2nd year.  Tara will get the contract to James Hurt.


  1. Financial Policies (Hurt and Rader)- Hurt presented a draft of the General Financial Guidelines.  It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Thompson to approve the contract with the discussed changes.  All were in favor.


  1. Adjournment 12:15 pm
Meeting Minutes March 20, 2018.docx Meeting Minutes March 20, 2018.docx

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