EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Tuesday, ....


Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 10:00 a.m.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

100 Grand Traverse Village Blvd, Acme, MI 49610


Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Hurt  X  
President Elect Hart  X  
Vice-President Thompson  X  
Chapter Treasurer Rader  X  
Chapter Delegate Hummel  X  
Branch Delegate - Central  X   TODD SNEATHEN      
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro  X    DUANE POOLE      
Branch Delegate - Downriver  X    TOM WILSON      
Branch Delegate - Mideast          
Branch Delegate - Midwest  X    JIM WOLFORD      
Branch Delegate - Northern  X    PETER STALEY      
Branch Delegate - Southwest  X    CARL FEDDERS      
Branch Delegate - UP          
1st Past President Skylis  X  
2nd Past President Rohraff  X  
Quorum (10 Needed)  13  2


Also, in attendance: 

Nancy Kolinski-Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Mondora-Diversity, Jen Lawson-Marketing/Outreach, Tara Paksi-GLR Editor, Taylor Hiner-GCSI, Ashley Schmuck-Sponsor Relations, Rich Berning-Region V Director, Gary Mekjian-Gov’t Affairs, Noah Mehalski-Education, Mark Bonkowski-Sponsor Relations, Brandy Siedlaczek-Water Resources, Jessica Katers-Conference and Awards.



  1. Call to Order by President Hurt - Introduction of Members/Guests

Meeting called to order at 10:06 am and President Hurt asked for self-introductions.



  1. Approve April 26, 2018 Minutes

It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Rader to approve the April 26, 2018 meeting minutes as submitted.  All were in favor.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Rader reviewed the submitted Treasurer’s report.  Finances are looking good with approximately $60,000 in income.  It was decided that Branch Rebates will be issued by the address recorded by National for the member.  The July 2018-June 2019 Budget is balanced and we reviewed the new items that were added.  It was moved by Thompson and seconded by Hart to approved the budget.  All were in favor.




  1. President Elect Report

No report.


  1. Administrator’s Report

Spencer discussed the need to purchase a PDF writer software to ensure that the Chapter’s laptop is usable wherever needed.


  1. Council of Chapters Report 

Hummel deferred to Berning.  It was reported that National is in the best shape in a long time. There will be a new Public Works Professional program starting at PWX.  He also reported there has been multiple staff changes at the National level, but things are working smoothly.


  1. Strategic Planning Update

Hurt reported we may be tired of seeing is item on the agenda, but it needs to be kept in front of us.  There has been excellent work being done with membership and outreach.  Thank you from the bottom of his heart.


  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central (Sneathen)

It has been a slow start, but the signatures and adopting the By-Laws is complete.  They are finalizing the email list for future meetings.


  1. Detroit Metro (Poole)

The golf outing will be June 29th at Fieldstone Golf Course-still having open spots.  SPOT training scheduled for the fall; committee meetings and getting program planned thanks to Noah-excited to start.


  1. Downriver (Wilson)

The golf outing is overbooked by 1, the Boat Outing is August 10th- 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.


  1. Mideast (Klaassen)

Fedders is working on membership to get volunteers to restart the branch.


  1. Midwest (Wolford)

Finalizing the Christmas party; the golf outing is filling up; June 19th is the next Lunch and Learn; Public Works Academy is good; and the Roadeo is October 10th.


  1. Northern (Staley)

2018 Equipment Show flyer is coming out soon and it will be September 6th in Cadillac.


  1. Southwest (Fedders)

June 13th meeting will be an MML update; August 2nd is the golf outing at the Medalist-20th year; they have awarded (4) First Timer Scholarships.


  1. Upper Peninsula (Cambensy)

No report.



  1. Reports (10-15 minutes)
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference (Katers et al.)

Katers apologized if she forgot to thank you in the brochure; be ready bright and early tomorrow morning.






  1. Communications/Social Media (Paksi)

Hiner reviewed the handout; there are 64-chapter sponsors; $29,000 in ad revenue; the 2nd issue is another full one; they are working on the New Member packet.


  1. Marketing and Outreach (Lawson)

While the Ann Arbor Open house was wonderful-no city officials came, the benefits were that internal staff came and finally got to see the actual valve they designed work.  There is a great outline if others are looking to do something similar.  Jen would like to see an RFP for an actual Market Plan.


  1. Membership (Thompson)

Thank you to the committee; working with the data; working on the New Member Packets; reviewed the sent items.


  1. Michigan Night at PWX Update (Thompson)

8 people have signed up so far with 20 spots available.


  1. Site Selection Committee Update (Thompson)

Not much to report.  After the conference there will be a conference call to discuss what was good and bad.


  1. Volunteer Coordination (Kolinski)

The (4) session monitor sheets will be in the rooms; they are waiting on (6) more speaker bios.  Hurt thanked Nancy for all the hard work.


  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports (5 minutes)
    1. Branch Boundary Changes

Nothing new to report.


  1. Public Works Academy

The attendees raved about the program with 10 people set to graduate.  They started with 26 people and it would be nice to know why 16 people quit the program.  The goal is to try and replicate in more community colleges across the state.  Phase II would be more specialized and Phase III would be a Degree Program.



  1. Standing Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Continuing Education/Training (Mehalski)

Building the committee and thanked all for any names of volunteers; discussed the SPOT training; and possibly partnering with Semcog for the fall conference.


  1. Diversity (Mondora)

No report.


  1. Legislative and Government Affairs (Mekjian)

5723-trying to reintroduce-water main job must put in plastic pipe into bid specs; this should be up to public works not legislative reps.


  1. Sponsor Relations (Bonkowski)

Sold out show; he will work on getting next year commitments; today they are moving in the vehicles; the goal is to make communications clearer.


  1. MPSI (Rader)

Fall is full- register now for Spring April 13th – 17th, 2019.




  1. Young Professionals (Pike)

Trying to set up a June meeting; after talks of having a small gathering at the expo it did not happen.


  1. Water Resources (Siedlaczek)

No report.


  1. New Business
    1. Approve FY2019 Budget (Rader)

Discussed and approved during the Treasurer’s Report.


  1. Past Presidents Council (Hurt)

Hurt would like to encourage the creation of this council; there are multiple past presidents wanting this council.


  1. Road Scholars Program (Rader)

This would mirror the Illinois program; possibly lose money the 1st two years but profitable 3rd year; more for road crews; Mt. Pleasant Comfort Inn would allow digging and they are holding 4 weeks in the spring if we want to book.


  1. Adjournment at 11:12 am


APWA Michigan Chapter Exec Board Mtg minutes 5.22.18.docx APWA Michigan Chapter Exec Board Mtg minutes 5.22.18.docx

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