December 2018 APWA Michigan Chapter Executiv ....

Thursday, December 5, 2018 - 1:00 p.m.

Government Consulting Services, Incorporated (“GCSI”)

120 N. Washington, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Lansing, MI 48933


Voting Member of the        Attendance  
Executive Committee Yes No  
President Hart X    
President Elect Thompson X    
Vice-President Poole X    
Chapter Treasurer Rader   X  
Chapter Delegate Hummel   X  
Branch Delegate - Central X   Todd Sneathen
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Andrew Cousino
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Tom Wilson
Branch Delegate - Mideast   X  
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Jim Wolford
Branch Delegate - Northern   X  
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Amy Gilson
1st Past President Hurt X    
2nd Past President Skylis   X  
Quorum (8 Needed) 9 5  


Also, in attendance:  Nancy Kolinski-Volunteer Coordination, Tracy Spencer-Administrator, Tara Paksi-GLR Editor, Taylor Hiner-GCSI, Jen Lawson-Membership/Community Outreach, Don Rohraff-Conference Co-Chair, Brandy Siedlaczek-Water Resource, Karen Mondora-Awards.


  1. Call to Order by President Hart at 1:09 p.m. and asked for self-introduction.



  1. Before the meeting minutes were approved there was a question on the statement under NEW BUSINESS.  It was moved by Hurt and seconded by Thompson to approve the October 25, 2018 Minutes as submitted.  All were in favor.


  1. Treasurer Rader had requested all the W-9 and 1099 information from the branches.  The submitted December Budget was reviewed.  There was discussion on what the restricted funds were and if there was any written documentation on what these restricted funds were.  It was moved by Hart and seconded by Thompson to file and accept the report as submitted.  All were in favor.


  1. President Elect did not have a formal report, but indicated he will forward Michigan Night information on to Poole for future usage. 


  1. Administrator Spencer just wanted to keep the Legislative Reception in mind, and Tara indicated she will be sending out the SAVE THE DATE email shortly.





  1. Council of Chapters- no report submitted. 


  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central Sneathen reported there was a November meeting with 12-16 attending, but not enough to vote on the branch board.  He will submit an email vote for the By-laws and officers.


  1. Detroit Metro Poole reported their November meeting was a little low.  December 13th will be the Christmas gathering.  He asked if the 1st Vice President could handle meetings, etc. while the branch President was out for personal reasons.  It was affirmed that the highest-ranking board member at the meeting/event is in charge.


  1. Downriver Wilson reported their November meeting presentation from DTE Gas was informative.  December 6th will be the Christmas and Awards luncheon.  They will be collecting Toys for Tots and vendors were asked to bring a bottle of cheer for door prizes.  The will be 7 awards handed out.  February will be the joint meeting with Detroit Metro-currently looking for a space that is big enough for everyone. 


  1. Mideast Doug Skylis had a luncheon and they may have some energy to become more active. 


  1. Midwest Wolford reported on December 16th they will be voting in next year’s board.  Dates and topics of their Lunch and Learn sessions will be submitted to be posted on the website. 


  1. Northern – no report


  1. Southwest Gilson reported their last meeting was the Quality Precast tour and December 6th is the Awards Ceremony.


  1. Reports
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference – there was a meeting on December 4th and Gloria Strong planned TAMC’s whole conference during the meeting.  TAMC attendees must find lodging off site, and they are very interested in being part of our group Wednesday.  There was discussion on different options for the golf outing.  Registration needs to finalized on Eventbrite and the links sent out- the sooner the better.


  1. Communications/Social Media Hiner reported the 3rd issue of the GLR is waiting on the final edits.  Branches are reminded to send pictures of events, possibly even during so they can be sent out on Twitter, etc.


  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach Lawson is trying to build a membership spread sheet and Carl Fedders has worked hard trying to get it organized.  Nancy is the Keeper of Presentation list that anyone can have access to.  Discussion on putting the list on the website.  The new member packet is done except headshots which should be done today.  January 10th is the next membership meeting in Ann Arbor. 


  1. Site Selection – they have reached out to different groups and will be submitting RFP in the spring time for 2021/2022.  There was discussion on growth and possibly having to move the conference south. 


  1. Road Scholar the Comfort Inn contract has been signed and information is on the chapter website. 


  1. Volunteer Coordination – no report at this time. 









  1. Strategic Planning Meeting Summary Hurt reviewed the handout and will sent it on to the people on the conference call.



  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports  
    1. Public Works Academy – still working on Phase II and Phase III.  January 21st will be the start date for the night classes, and January 22nd the start date for the day classes.  Hurt and Gorney traveled to Florida to speak about this program.


  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Continuing Education/Training Mehalski is wrapping up the SPOT Training with a meeting next week.  He is working on the Fleet Tract for the Great Lakes Expo now.  He is considering working with SEMCOG for a November meeting.  There needs to be people on the Westside who would be willing to take on the responsibility of putting on the SPOT Training for it to be able to move around the state.


  1. National Awards Mondora reported award submissions are due Mid-January, and that she has already received a few submittals. 


  1. Legislative and Government Affairs – no report


  1. Sponsor Relations – no report


  1. MPSI – no report


  1. Young Professionals there is a joint event with AWWA and MWEA New Professionals at Founder’s Brewery tonight. 


  1. Water Resources – no report


  1. Past Presidents Council – there was discussion about the City of Detroit and PWX.  Ron Brundidge will be asked to come to a meeting to discuss.  The Past President Council had a pretty good turn out at the first meeting and they will meet quarterly.


  1. PACE Award – nothing to update.


  1. New Business – nothing new.



  1. Adjournment:  It was moved by Wolford and seconded by Poole to adjourn the meeting at 3:06 p.m.  All were in favor.




APWA Michigan Chapter Exec Board Mtg MEETING MINUTES 12.05.18.docx APWA Michigan Chapter Exec Board Mtg MEETING MINUTES 12.05.18.docx

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