March 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

March 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference Call

Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Thompson X    
President Elect Poole X    
Vice-President Belair X    
Chapter Treasurer Rader X    
Chapter Delegate Hummel X    
Branch Delegate - Central   X        
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Brandy Siedlaczek      
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Chris Owen      
Branch Delegate - Mideast X   Bill Bohlen      
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Matt Anderson      
Branch Delegate - Northern   X        
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Kevin Glupker      
1st Past President Hart X    
2nd Past President Hurt X    
Quorum (8 Needed) 12 2  

Also, in attendance:  Jen Lawson-Membership/Outreach, Karen Mondora-Awards, Ashley Schmuck-Sponsor Relations,

Mike Logan-Downriver Branch, Bill Fisher-Downriver Branch, Tara Paksi-GCSI, Nancy Kolinski-Conference/Volunteer Coordination, Jessica Katers, Mark Bonkowski-Sponsor Relations, Noah Mehalski-Education, Gary Mekjian-Gov’t Affairs, Doug Skylis-Alternate Delegate, Taylor Porrett-GCSI, Tracy Spencer-Administrator

  1. Call to Order by President Thompson-Introduction of Members/Guests at 9:36 am

  1. Approve January 23, Minutes – It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hummel to approve the January 23, 2020 minutes with the following change:  Midwest Branch golf outing is July 15th.  All were in favor.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Rader will provide a break out of the effects of the pandemic will have on the budget.  There may be some changes to this year’s budget due to all the event postponements and cancellations.

  1. MPSI/MAPSI – Spring session 2020 has been postponed until July 19th to 24th and MAPSI has been postponed until November 4th to 6th.

  1. Council of Chapters – The February meeting was good.  The Snow Conference this year has been cancelled due to the pandemic.  Hummel asks that any input or concerns we want brought to National’s attention be sent to him. 

  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central – It was reported that East Lansing and Meridan Township are now participating in this branch, so they will soon have their board established.

  1. Detroit Metro – The March meeting was cancelled, and the April meeting may also be cancelled.  If the April meeting is delayed, they will have the Awards at the next meeting.  There were between 80 – 100 people at the MML update joint meeting with Downriver at the Old Shillelagh.

  1. Downriver - The Bruce Edwards’ Equipment Show has been postponed, and they are looking at July as the rescheduled month.  They also discussed moving the Administrative Assistant’s Day to September, and possibly postponing the annual golf outing.  They are also still in the process of accepting scholarship applications.

  1. Mideast – They cancelled the April meeting.  The March 11th meeting had close to 34 people in attendance.  They are planning on a July 20th golf outing at Sawmill in Saginaw.

  1. Midwest – The Public Works Academy has been postponed.  The Lunch/Learn sessions are currently on hold, but they are thinking of having web seminars.  The golf outing will be on July 15th at Oakwood.

  1. Northern – no report.

  1. Southwest – At the March 11th meeting there were 33 people touring the marijuana plant in the City of Marshall.  June 17th is the next general membership meeting with an MML update.  August 6th is the annual golf outing at the Medalist.

  1. Great Lakes Expo
    1. Proceed, postpone and/or cancel????  - Force Majeure clause in the contract was discussed.  The week in May maybe problematic for some to attend; they are just returning to work, some have travel restrictions until June, etc. If postponed the week of October 19th was discussed, but this is also the week of Road Scholars.
    2. Liabilities associated with our Expo options – With the Force Majeure, we would lose our deposit, but otherwise financial liabilities should not be a concern.  If moved to October, would the conference still draw the same crowd.
    3. Block Room Reservations – A decision would have to be made whether the chapter would guarantee the room block.
    4. Presenters Communication – Emails were sent out to all presenters whether their presentation was accepted for this conference or not.
    5. Award Winner Communication – There was communication sent out to the Award Winners.
    6. Resort Communication – Tara and Taylor are still in communication with the resort, but any type of postponement or cancellation would be handled by John Thompson.
    7. Member Communication – All communication is being handled via Mail Chimp.

After much discussion, it was moved by Hart and seconded by Rader to cancel the 2020 Great Lakes Expo.  There were 8 YES and 5 NO, so the motion passed.  This is a very unique situation and everyone handled themselves professionally.  Let’s make 2021 an outstanding conference.

  1. Harold M. Hultquist, P.E. Award Nominations – Karen Mondora had a conference call with some of the awards committee and they have a recommendation for this award.  There was discussion on the recommendation and it was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hurt to award the Harold M Hultquist, P.E. award to the person discussed.  All were in favor.
  2. MI-AWWA Presentations - AWWA has requested that we provide technical presentations for their conference in Sept.  They are requesting 5 presentations, 30 min in length on items such as Overall Utility Rehabilitation / Repair / Replacement Coordination and Asset Management, Gordie Howe Bridge Presentation, etc.  Please send John Thompson your interest in becoming a presenter.

  1. 2021 Snow Conference – They were in the process of ordering T-shirt/mugs to be handed out during this year’s Snow Conference, but have put it on hold since the Snow Conference was cancelled.  There have not been any meetings lately, but Hurt will regroup with Franklin to schedule one.

  1. Legislative Reception – There was discussion to continue or not.  This year there were 23 legislative representative that confirmed and 15 Michigan Chapter members.  There was discussion on how this is a good way to keep in touch, other months are an option too, and maybe not having it after the executive board meeting.  More discussion will follow.

  1. Adjournment: 11:22 am