April 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 16, 2020 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference call

Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Thompson X    
President Elect Poole X    
Vice-President Belair X    
Chapter Treasurer Rader X    
Chapter Delegate Hummel   X  
Branch Delegate - Central   X        
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Brandy Siedlaczek      
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Chris Owen      
Branch Delegate - Mideast X   Bill Bohlen      
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Matt Anderson      
Branch Delegate - Northern   X        
Branch Delegate - Southwest   X        
1st Past President Hart X    
2nd Past President Hurt X    
Quorum (8 Needed) 10 4  

Also, in Attendance:  Ashley Schmuck – Sponsor Relations, Tracy Spencer – Administrator, Tara Paksi – GCSI,

Taylor Porrett – GCSI, Jessica Katers – Education, Jennifer Lawson – Marketing/Outreach/Membership,

Doug Skylis – Delegate Alternate, Don Rohraff, Nancy Kolinski – Conference/Volunteer Coordination.

  1. Call to Order by President Thompson-Introduction of Members/Guests at 9:32 a.m.

  1. Approve March 26 Minutes – It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Anderson to approve the March 26th, 2020 meeting minutes with the following change:  The Midwest Branch’s golf outing will be hosted at Oakridge Golf Course, not Oakmont.  All were in favor.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – It was reported that the finances and the budget could be affected due to Covid-19; but we are stable and should be fine.

  1. President Elect Report – No report.

  1. Administrator’s Report – Most items to be reported on will be discussed later, so Spencer deferred to later.

  1. Council of Chapters Report – no report.

  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central – no report.

  1. Detroit Metro – Brandy reported they have cancelled their April meeting, but the branch is still planning on the June 19th golf outing.

  1. Downriver – Chris reported the April 23rd meeting will be a web meeting; June 3rd golf outing postponed until September 23rd; Bruce Edwards’ Equipment show was postponed to the week of July 20th; Boat cruise will be on August 14th; and the October 8th meeting will be the Administrative Assistant Day.

  1. Mideast – Bill Bohlen reported that the April meeting was cancelled and the July 20th golf outing could possibly be postponed until September/October.  (After our meeting the Mideast Branch decided to cancel the July 20th event.)

  1. Midwest – Anderson reported that the Public Works monument is on hold; they are still planning on the July golf outing; and the Snow Plow Roadeo will be held in October as planned.

  1. Northern – No report.

  1. Southwest – No report.

  1. Reports/Discussion

  1. Project of the Year Award Winners – Karen reported she will contact the company that produces the awards to get them produced.  The plan is to distribute the awards to the consultant and they can distribute to the other winners.  The Prezi presentation is almost completed and it was suggested that it be put on the chapter’s website.  Karen was also contacted by National APWA that there were no National Award winners.

  1. Eventbrite Cost for Conference Refunds – All Eventbrite credit card registrations were refunded to the credit card they were charged on.  If the attendee paid by check, either the check was returned or Linnea would issue a refund check.

  1. Sponsorship Refunds associated from GLX cancellation - Thompson thinks a partial refund of the level sponsorships be refunded recognizing that there was no value for the expo.  A subcommittee was formed with Mekjian chairing.  They will meet before the next executive board meeting and present their recommendations at the May 19th meeting.

  1. Executive Committee - 2020 Election Process Options – Due to the cancellation of the Great Lakes Expo the committee needs to make a decision to either hold the 2021 elections via electronic means or our By-Laws indicate in an emergency the current executive board could remain in their positions for an additional year.  There was discussion of another year of commitment and how John Thompson would be missing out on the hosting of the Great Lakes Expo.  It was moved by Siedlaczek and seconded by Rader to forgo elections and have the current executive board stay for an additional year.  There were 9-yea and 1-nay, so the motion passed.

  1. Communications/Social Media – Porrett reported she is working on the next issue of the GLR, but it could be delayed shortly due to Covid-19.  She reported that she is still posting to Twitter and Facebook so continue to send content to her.

  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach – Lawson reports they are having a meeting later today and their goal is to try and spread good things that are happening during Covid-19.  They are also discussing the possibility of having an event in the fall.  Finally, they will start to look at the volunteer requirements for the 2021 Snow Conference.

  1. Road Scholar – Rader reports sign up is a little slow right now, but there was some new 1st year signed up.  Rader has the brochures ready to go and the committee recently reviewed the budget.

  1. Volunteer Coordination – AWWA has asked that the chapter provide five 1/2-hour presentations on September 17th during their conference.  So far, 3 of the 5 requested presentations have been filled.  If you are interested please contact John Thompson, and please note the presentations do not need to be geared towards water.

  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports
    1. Public Works Academy – Currently suspended.  The last class made it almost to the end, but was closed due to Covid-19.  The discussions to have this in other locations has also been stopped due to the pandemic.

  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Continuing Education/Training – The October SPOT training contract has been signed, but the Novi Showplace is currently a COVID-19 hospital and may not be open to host the SPOT training. 

  1. Legislative and Government Affairs – The MML meeting was cancelled but they will have a webinar reporting on Healthcare and the governor’s emergency actions.  There was a full TAMC meeting yesterday and they have cancelled the May conference.  There have not been any Transportation Infrastructure meetings recently.

  1. Sponsor Relations – was included in the discussion of sponsor refunds.  

  1. MPSI – The Spring session has been postponed until July and MAPSI has been postponed until November.

  1. Young Professionals – no separate report, but was touched in the Outreach report.

  1. Water Resources – no report.

  1. Past Presidents Council – no formal report, but still thinking of inviting to a future meeting.

  1. Snow Conference – Bart and James need to meet; James would like to talk with National.  He is thinking there maybe a larger crowd in 2021 due to the 2020 event being cancelled.  When James and Bart have a number of volunteers needed for this event, they will contact Nancy in Volunteer Coordination.

  1. New Business: 
    1. John Thompson sent a cancellation letter via email to Treetops for the 2020 Great Lakes Expo and they responded with a request of payment for 70% of the anticipated revenue along with some other items.  Thompson responded that the chapter would not be paying anything due to the Force Majeure.  They responded with a request we host the 2021 Great Lakes Expo at Treetops and to see if Grand Traverse and Boyne Mountain would delay our signed contracts by one year.
    2. GCSI Contract renewal – Thompson asked GCSI to merge the normal contract and the services contract into one contract.  They presented a 2-year contract that included a $150 meeting fee to host at their offices.  There was some discussion and it was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hurt to approve the presented contract.  All were in favor.

  1. Michigan Night – Bob Belair is looking into a Riverboard Jazz Cruise or possibly a local Jazz venue.  There was discussion on any cancellations fees and to reach out to other chapters to have a combined event.  He will move forward to get the costs involved.

  1. Asset Management – Illinois is looking to mirror and create a 4-day conference and has asked if we are interested in participating.

  1. There was discussion on creating an August Chapter event to bring our membership together since the Great Lakes Expo was cancelled.

  1. Adjournment:  11:04 a.m.