June 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

June 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference call

Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Thompson X    
President Elect Poole X    
Vice-President Belair   X  
Chapter Treasurer Rader   X  
Chapter Delegate Hummel X    
Branch Delegate - Central   X        
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Dan Brisson      
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Chris Owens      
Branch Delegate - Mideast X   Bill Bohlen      
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Matt Anderson      
Branch Delegate - Northern   X        
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Mark Worden      
1st Past President Hart X    
2nd Past President Hurt X    
Quorum (8 Needed)      

Also, in Attendance:  Tracy Spencer – Administrator, Tara Paksi – GCSI, Taylor Porrett – GCSI,

Jessica Katers – Education, Jennifer Lawson – Marketing/Outreach/Membership, Gary Mekjian – Gov’t Affairs,

Ashley Schmuck – Sponsor Relations, Don Rohraff, Brandy Siedlaczek – Detroit Metro, Andrew Cousino-Detroit Metro, Karen Murphy – Mideast.

Call to Order by President Thompson-Introduction of Members/Guests at 9:32 a.m.

Branch Reports - 

Mideast Branch Report

  • As of yesterday, we have officially cancelled trying to have a Branch Golf Outing in 2020 because of continued concerns over COVID
  • Our next Branch Meeting is slated for October 14th and we will conduct this meeting in person or via some virtual platform if necessary
  • We have not had any further progress on the Public Works Academy however this is still on “simmer” on the proverbial Branch Stove
  • I have distributed the 2020 Branch Executive Document received from Taylor/Jennifer Lawson to the Branch Executive Committee earlier this week with a hope to have a Branch Executive Meeting in August, if possible
  • Karen Murphy gave an update on flood relief efforts in the City of Midland.

Midwest Branch Report

  • August 1st date set for a go/no go for Roadeo.
  • July golf outing still being planned as normal.
  • They are currently working on Lunch and Learn virtual meetings.
  • Snow Conference – National does not think there is any adjustments that will be made, but Hurt expresses concern on all revenue streams.
  • Public Works Academy – They had the program all set up with attendees working on CDL training.  GRCC would like to re-invigorate this program.

Downriver Branch Report

  • The Bruce Edwards Trade Show will be held outdoors at Heritage Park in Taylor on July 22nd.  They are working on logistics right now. 
  • The June meeting was via Zoom on Storm Water.
  • August 14th will be the Boat Outing
  • September 23rd is the annual Golf Outing
  • October 8th is the Administrative Assistant Day

Detroit Metro Branch Report

  • Golf outing was a success. 
  • Planning on Awards program in September.

Southwest Branch Report

  • The MML update meeting was postponed until October.
  • August 6th golf outing is still planned, they are just waiting to see how the dinner will be handled.

Council of Chapters Report –

  • Not much from National right now
  • Push for participation in virtual meetings
  • They have no budget set, so they are working on solutions for the deficit created by no PWX and Snow Conference.
  • Keep paying attention since the legislature is pushing things under the radar due to COVID.

Government Affairs Report –

  • Not much to report
  • Trying to receive funds not in budget due to COVID

Communications Report –

  • First issue of Great Lakes Reporter has been sent out and they are on track for the rest of the year.
  • Public Works Week campaign was a success.

Marketing/Outreach Report

  • REVISED Mission Statement –

Attract and support members within the Public Works community & continue to increase awareness about

Public Works.

  • Marketing and Communications Plan

Need to work with GCSI for potential assistance.

  • Increase Membership
    • Midyear check-in shows that “DELINQUENT” numbers have increased across the organization – a notice will go out to each member with a delinquent status.
    • Need to evaluate membership numbers in EventBrite, versus National spreadsheet.
    • Continue to grow the list of EventBrite contacts as potential members of APWA
  • Outreach Materials
    • Continuing to build presence on Social Media outlets
      • Completed a NPWW photo challenge (review)
    • Upcoming Photo contest to engage members
    • Giveaways at events?  Need to consider/order
    • Email to all members sent
      • Overview of member resources/contacts/calendar
      • Will be sent annually
    • Email to board executives
      • Reminder to board presidents to distribute
      • SHOULD be sent in January.  We will do better next year.
  • Upcoming outreach events                                                                                
    • Downstate networking event
      • Statewide Golf Outing – mid-August – location TBD
      • MSU v UM Football Tailgate – October 10
        • May need to be modified due to the MSU guidelines – possibly to a picnic.
    • Public Works Beer partnership with Earthen Ales (Traverse City)

MPSI Report –

  • Spring 2020 has been cancelled and looking forward to 2021.  Fall 2020 has not been cancelled yet, but they will continue to monitor situation.  There are some costs for the Spring 2020 session.

Insurance Discussion

  • National APWA is shying away from anything involving COVID coverage.
  • Regular events will be covered, but nothing regarding the spread of COVID sickness.
  • Chapter should implement a Policy or Plan to protect ourselves in legal case.  Need to look into training and guidelines.


  • National is creating waiver forms to help alleviate COVID concerns.
  • John Thompson will try to get some type of waiver created for our events.

Sponsorship Reimbursement –

  • Sponsors have been contacted about any reimbursements.

Financials –

  • Hurt is questioning the Chapter’s finances.
  • National APWA is estimating $1.5 to $2 million deficit due to COVID, and Rich increased the reserve so he looks like a fortune teller.
  • All Branches have switched to Quick Books.
  • Chapter’s only real COVID impact is Spring 2020 MPSI and losing the deposit at Treetops Resort.  There has been no increase in revenue, but also no increase in expenses.

COVID/Branch Events –

  • Karen Murphy indicated that the City of Midland has guidelines stating no outside meetings or events and she is questioning how are the branches having their outings.
  • It was discussed that people are either using personal time or ignoring directions.
  • It seems like we are talking out both sides of our mouth – needing extra guidelines/precautions and insurance vs. having social events. 

Adjournment: 10:42 a.m.