August 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

August 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 19, 2020

Conference call

Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Thompson X    
President Elect Poole X    
Vice-President Belair   X  
Chapter Treasurer Rader X    
Chapter Delegate Hummel   X  
Branch Delegate - Central   X        
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro X   Gary Mekjian      
Branch Delegate - Downriver X   Jen Lawson      
Branch Delegate - Mideast X   Bill Bohlen      
Branch Delegate - Midwest X   Matt Anderson      
Branch Delegate - Northern X   Peter Staley      
Branch Delegate - Southwest X   Jamie Harmon      
1st Past President Hart   X  
2nd Past President Hurt   X  
Quorum (8 Needed) 9 5  

Also in attendance:  Ken Payne – Northern Branch, Noah Mehalski – Education, Don Rohraff – Downriver,

Tara Paksi – GCSI, Taylor Porrett – GCSI, Jessica Katers, Mark Bonkowski – Sponsor Relations, Tracy Spencer – Admin

Call to Order by President Thompson at 9:30 a.m.

It was moved by Staley and seconded by Anderson to approve the July 23, 2020 meeting minutes.  All were in favor.

Chapter Golf Outing

  • Currently 39 golfers registered
  • Vendors are being contacted for prizes
  • Outing will proceed regardless of number of golfers.

Treasurer’s Report – Budget

  • Revenues have been collected in 2019/2020 budget, but expenses will be reflected in 2020/2021 budget.
    • MPSI, PAPSI, MI Night, GLX registrations.
  • There have been a few Quickbook difficulties, but working on them.
  • Contracted service expenses total approximately $50,000.
    • Tracy Spencer, GLR, Benders, GCSI, Steve Ludwig
  • Please email questions and comments prior to August 25th.

  • Bohlen asked for time to look over the suggested budget.  It was moved by Bohlen and seconded by Lawson to review the 2020/2021 Budget and vote by email on Tuesday, August 25th to approve the proposed budget.  All were in favor.

Brach Reports  

  • Detroit Metro
    • Nothing currently planned, but may try a virtual lunch & learn
  • Downriver
    • Equipment Show was a beautiful day and the board thought it was a good event.
    • August 14th was the Patio Cruise with around 28 people attending.
    • September 23rd will be the annual golf outing at Lakes of Taylor.
  • Central
    • No report.
  • Mideast
    • COVID 19 is preventing a lot of meetings/gatherings
    • Tentatively planning October 14th meeting
    • Questioning Christmas Luncheons – National sent out a blanket letter indicating they are not recommending them, but leaving it up to the Chapter or Branch.  Bill will contact Zender’s on deadline to reserve.
    • Public Works Academy Bill reports he has not had contact with Delta College, but looks like it would be another 6 months to a year until it is implemented.
  • Midwest
    • Public Works statue is progressing, just trying to keep it in the front of our minds.
    • Public Works Academy has (1) truck on lease and Kentwood is donating a truck for CDL training.  Grand Rapids Community College classes are starting today.
    • Snowplow Roadeo is still moving forward, but there will be no vendor booths or attendees.  Once the driver is out of the truck it will be deep sanitized.  Box lunches will be provided to the drivers.
    • They are looking at Spring 2021 to restart the Lunch and Learn, or if other branches are doing virtual Lunch and Learn maybe having it be statewide.
    • They are looking into doing Public Works Academy Scholarships in Eric Scott’s name by having a charter fishing competition.  Possibly having vendor sponsored boats with 4-5 ppl aboard.
  • Northern
    • Not much is going on right now, most people are looking forward to the 2021 GLX.
    • They may send a few guys to the Roadeo.
    • Some are still working from home, not visiting customers.
  • Southwest
    • Their 22nd Annual Golf Outing was a great day with 100 golfers.
    • October 7th will be the MML update and they are hoping to do it in person, but will be virtual if in person is not possible.

John Thompson reminds everyone to have all COVID waivers signed and sent so they can be uploaded to our Dropbox.

Government Affairs – MML

  • No meeting yet, looking at CARES money and how the State Legislature passed a bill that will not give the August share, but will give something with federal strings.
  • It is pretty quiet right now, with most applying for grants.


  • The Fleet Seminar has been postponed until 10/21/21.
  • Noah is looking at doing something in October in video form, but he just needs to make a decision – Zoom or You Tube.
  • CEC’s or CEH’s – the State board does not have the authority to postpone requirements.  Jessica is suggests writing and asking for an extension.  Eagle will not concede – thinks there are enough virtual content available to fulfill requirements. 

Snow Conference

  • They have had a couple meetings and they are moving forward and planning sessions.
  • August 25th will be the next meeting with Scott Grayson along with 4 or 5 additional National people.  They will discuss a go/no go deadline.
    • What will the chapter be reimbursed for if National cancels the Snow Conference?
  • There will be discussion on having a Michigan and Ohio event since the 2020 Snow Conference was cancelled.
  • There was discussion on asking for Branch contributions.


  • Currently working on the 2nd issue.
  • Social Media is struggling since there are not many events going on right now.  Please spread the word to your municipalities to submit events.

Marketing and Outreach

  • The tailgate event scheduled for October has been cancelled.  Carl Fedders tried to cancel, but they would like to offer the following:        
    • 150% credit to a future tailgate event expiring December 2020 or
    • If football is played in the Spring using the services then or
    • 125% credit for tailgating in the 2021 football season expiring December 2021 or
    • Cancelling and getting deposit back.
  • It was moved by Mekjian and seconded by Hurt to select the 125% credit for the 2021 football season expiring December 2021 with the caveat if we cannot have the event then we get 100% back.  If this is not possible, get the money back now.  All were in favor.

President Elect had nothing to report.

Sponsor Relations had no update but indicated that the sales cycle is broken due to COVID.  Please share a good vendor with neighbors since knocking on doors is hard.

Adjournment at 11:01 a.m.