September 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

September 2020 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference call

Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Thompson x    
President Elect Poole x    
Vice-President Belair x    
Chapter Treasurer Rader x    
Chapter Delegate Hummel      
Branch Delegate - Central            
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro x   Brandy Siedlaczeki      
Branch Delegate - Downriver x   Chris Owen      
Branch Delegate - Mideast X   Doug Skylis      
Branch Delegate - Midwest x   Matt Anderson      
Branch Delegate - Northern x   Peter Staley      
Branch Delegate - Southwest x   Mark Worden      
1st Past President Hart      
2nd Past President Hurt      
Quorum (8 Needed)      

Also in attendance: Taylor Porrett – GCSI, Tara Paksi – GCSI, Jennifer Lawson, Tammy Bennett – APWA, Karen Mondora – Awards Chair, Don Rohraff, Gary Mekjian

  1. Call to Order by President Thompson-Introduction of Members/Guests 9:35

  1. Approve Meeting Minutes August 19, 2020 – hold off for next meeting

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Quickbooks is up and running – National and Branch treasurers have been helpful
    2. Need to get an audit committee put together
      1. Needs to be people who are not signers on the account
      2. Audit needs to be done before the end of next week
      3. Tracy Spencer, John Thompson, Duane Poole
      4. Mark Worden volunteered Carl Fedders

  1. President Elect Report
    1. No report

  1. Administrator’s Report

  1. Council of Chapters Report

  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central

  1. Detroit Metro
    1. Board met last week to discuss holiday party – planning to send an email to branch members – December 10th
    2. Looking to hold a virtual meeting November

  1. Downriver
    1. Dan Brooks Golf Outing held yesterday
      1. 37 foursomes
      2. 70 door prizes
      3. John asked for waivers from golf outing
    2. Administrative Assistants Day - October 8th – Silver Shores in Wyandotte
    3. Want to hold a Holiday Party, looking at a tent outdoors
    4. Board meeting in November

  1. Mideast

  1. Midwest
    1. Public works monument – met to keep ball rolling; have site selected for monument; DNR owns the land and denied the request
    2. Public Works Academy
      1. Kentwood looking to donate truck for training ($25,000)
      2. Grand Rapids has a leasing program set up for one of their trucks
      3. Still looking to get Muskegon Community College involved
    3. Roadeo – October 14th in Grand Rapids
      1. Drivers show up at scheduled time
      2. No vendors
    4. Snow Conference – committee moving forward
    5. Lunch and learn on hold until spring
    6. Future events
      1. October 21, 2020 – next branch meeting – virtual
      2. December 16, 2020 – Christmas Party – in person
        1. Still looking at venues in Grand Rapids area
      3. July 21, 2021 – Korhorn Golf Outing

  1. Northern
    1. Not a whole lot to report since last month
    2. Still in shut down phase
    3. Virtual meeting in November to discuss next year
    4. Being included with virtual meetings for ASCE
    5. Not planning on holiday parties at this point

  1. Southwest
    1. October 7, 2020 - MML update –virtual
    2. December 9, 2020 - Holiday party - still up in the air

  1. Reports/Discussion

  1. COVID 19 Insurance

  1. AWWA/ASCE – 2020 conference presentations

  1. SPOT Seminars
    1. Has discussed with Noah the best way to move forward
      1. Bryan Pickworth and Farmington Hills have a lot of media/resources online
      2. Planning to put an email together for Winter preparedness information
      3. Use Google form to collect data of those interested in receiving the links

  1. Communications/Social Media
    1. Need to get more involvement from branches/municipalities/organizations
    2. Most activity revolves around events the state chapter is hosting

  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach
    1. Chapter Golf Outing at Groesbeck Golf Club – 44 golfers
      1. Discussion to continue holding the golf outing
        1. Fall would be a good time to host it, branch golf outings have wrapped up, enough time between GLX golf outing
        2. Second week of September – after Labor Day
        3. Mt. Pleasant – day before Directors Day – get people up there to attend MPSI
      2. Don to start talking to different courses – have to figure out logistics
        1. Wednesday board meeting in the morning and golf outing tee time around lunch time during the week of MPSI
    2. Thoughts on hosting a state Holiday party
      1. Look into hosting social events (breakout rooms) through Zoom
    3. Brewery up north is still interested in a beer for a future event to honor men and women of public works
      1. Gift for future presenters – 6-week turnaround time
      2. Label needs to be approved by Michigan Liquor Commission

  1. Road Scholar – cancelled, on hold until next year
    1. Focus on building it back up next year

  1. Volunteer Coordination  

  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports
    1. Public Works Academy

  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Continuing Education/Training

  1. Legislative and Government Affairs 
    1. Have not had a meeting with Infrastructure group
    2. TAMC still has desire to co-participate with GLX
      1. Dependent on venue and maximum daily costs

  1. Sponsor Relations  

  1. MPSI Update
    1. In a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens
    2. Some expenditures Mary and Lew have incurred will need to be addressed (about $5,000 a session)
    3. MAPSI cancelled – looking at next spring

  1. Young Professionals

  1. Water Resources  

  1. Past Presidents Council

  1. Snow Conference
    1. Still progressing
    2. Looking to book venues with little to no financial impact
    3. Will be a need for volunteers
    4. Committee is meeting next Monday, September 28th

  1. New Business: 

  1. Adjournment: 10:56


Tammy Bennett, APWA

  • Town Hall
    • Membership town hall – October 6th
      • All members of Membership and Outreach committee will be attending
    • Chapter leader idea exchange– “Transitioning to Virtual”
    • Hosting an advocacy town hall in December
    • Virtual town halls have been a great way for people who never would’ve attended to be able to engage
    • No cost, no maximum attendance
  • Looking for connections to universities