January 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.

Government Consulting Services, Incorporated (“GCSI”)

120 N. Washington, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Lansing, MI 48933


Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Hart  X  
President Elect Thompson  X  
Vice-President Poole  X  
Chapter Treasurer Rader  X  
Chapter Delegate Hummel  
Branch Delegate - Central  X    Todd Sneathen      
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro  X    Gary Trembley      
Branch Delegate - Downriver  X    Bill Fisher      
Branch Delegate - Mideast          
Branch Delegate - Midwest  X    Eric Scott      
Branch Delegate - Northern  X    Peter Staley      
Branch Delegate - Southwest  X    Kevin Glupker      
1st Past President Hurt  X  
2nd Past President Skylis  X  
Quorum (8 Needed)  11


Also in attendance:  Gary Mekjian – Conference Co-Chair, Tara Paksi – GLR Editor, Taylor Hiner – GCSI,

John Daly – MIC, Jessica Katers, Carl Fedders, Brandy Siedlaczek – Water Resources Chair, Tom Trice – MPSI,

Tracy Spencer- Chapter Administrator


  1. Call to Order by President Hart at 9:35 a.m. and asked for self-introduction of Members/Guests.



  1. Region Director Nomination – It was discussed that Rich Berning’s 3-year term as Region V’s Director is coming to an end and if the chapter has any recommendations.  Larry Hummel expressed interest in the Regional Director position.  It was moved by Hart and seconded by Skylis when the call for Region Director Nominations comes out to put forth Larry Hummel as our candidate.  All were in favor.



  1. Nominating a rep to the Selection Committee – During this discussion John Thompson expressed interest so Chuck will forward John’s information to National APWA.



  1. Branch nomination for Chapter Vice President – The Midwest Branch was reminded they needed to submit their branch nomination by April 2019.  (Downriver is actually the next one in the rotation.)



  1. Approve December 5, 2018 Minutes – It was moved by Hart and seconded by Sneathen to approve the December 5, 2018 meeting minutes as submitted.  All were in favor.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – All reviewed the submitted report.  Linnea put together a historical document for the restricted funds and will be available for review at the next meeting.  Linnea discussed the need to make changes with a couple CD’s that will expire soon.  She is looking for the best return for our money.  Branch Rebates need to be issued, but she is waiting for membership numbers – John Thompson will be sending the membership numbers to Linnea.


  1. President Elect Report – Thompson has spoken to various branches on using Eventbrite to try and build a membership file that is more accurate.  There was discussion on how to absorb the Eventbrite fees – chapter or branch.


  1. Administrator’s Report
    1. Eventbrite – Registration for the upcoming 2019 Great Lakes Expo are coming in, and there seems to be less questions with this site.  The word is out to register early to ensure you get a room at Treetops.


  1. MIC- John Daly gave an overview of what the Michigan Infrastructure Council is and what their future goals are.  They would like to define some terminology and develop a data collection process for certifications at the local level as two of the goals.  Hart thanked John Daly for coming and sharing this information.


  1. Council of Chapters Report – reviewed Larry’s written report.  An area of focus is working on membership and how outreach needs to be more concentrated. 



  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central (Sneathen) – They will conduct an email vote for the Branch By-Laws and Officer election by the February 27, 2019 Executive Board meeting.


  1. Detroit Metro (Trembley) – The January meeting had the highest attendance for that month!  June 28th will be the golf outing at Fieldstone Golf Course.  Chuck Hart plans to invite Ron Brundidge to the Joint meeting to start discussions on getting the City of Detroit employees more engaged.


  1. Downriver (Fisher) - February 14th will be the joint Downriver/Detroit Metro meeting with an MML update.  Thursday, March 21st will be the Annual Bruce Edwards’ Equipment and Trade Show.  June 5th at Lakes of Taylor will be annual golf outing.


  1. Mideast (Skylis) – There is a small group working together to try and energize the branch. 


  1. Midwest (Scott) – The branch is working on their planned events, ie. Lunch and Learn.  April 24th will be the Career Quest.  The golf outing will be July 17th. 


  1. Northern (Staley) – The first meeting was on January 8th.  There will be a joint meeting tour in April and the annual equipment show will be on September 12th.


  1. Southwest (Glupker) – December 6, 2018 was the annual Awards luncheon with 55 people in attendance and 7 projects receiving awards.  They are currently working on their meeting schedule, but March 20th meeting will be about the Kalamazoo County Road Commissions round abouts.






  1. Reports (10-15 minutes)
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference – It was reported the Keynote speaker has been selected and she will be speaking at two separate sessions.  The Call for Presentation request deadline has passed and we are still looking for (4) more sessions.  It was suggested we reach out to LTap to see is they can provide sessions.  We need to provide a link to TAMC’s website registrations since they are co-locating.  February 4th will be the next meeting.


  1. Communications/Social Media – The branches are sending events and pictures to Taylor for our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  There are 13 Legislators confirmed to attend our February Meet and Greet.  It was suggested that another email be sent out to the membership reminding them of the Meet and Greet and to have them call their representatives to attend.


  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach – There is an ongoing discussion on you must have a National membership to participate at Branch meetings.  There is a noticeable difference between Branch participation and National participation.  Someone needs to follow up with member’s with expiring membership.


  1. Site Selection – There was discussion about the possibility that Treetops will not be able to handle the conference and where do we go in 2020.  After the 2019 Great Lakes Expo RFQ’s will be sent out for the 2021/2022 conferences.


  1. Road Scholar – As part of the education continuity plan the Road Scholar program is the next step after the Public Works Academy.  Registration is now open and the Road Scholar website being functional on May 3rd.  It is reported that cities are having discussions about this type of training.


  1. Volunteer Coordination – no report.


  1. Strategic Planning Meeting Summary – Hurt will send out the Strategic Plan and ask for feedback.




  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Public Works Academy – this continues to progress and the next phases are being planned and implemented.  There was a flyer sent out; but the daytime session was pushed back until February.  Hurt and Gorney are traveling to San Antonio and New York to present.  We are still working on getting this academy on the eastside.



  1. Standing Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Continuing Education/Training - no report.


  1. National Awards- There were 28 submissions spread over 12 different categories.  Currently looking for judges to review possibly after the Joint meeting in February.


  1. Legislative and Government Affairs – MML populated new committees, January 29th is the orientation meeting.  There is a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting on February 22nd.  Chuck discussed the Infrastructure Bill in Washington, DC.  There is no funding left depressed/dejected, maybe there is some local funding.   


  1. Sponsor Relations – no report.








  1. MPSI (Rader)
    1. Bender Contract – Tom Trice discussed the contract and indicated there is a nominal financial increase and a clause for succession planning.  It was moved by Skylis and seconded by Hurt to authorize President Hart to sign the contract as written.  All were in favor.  It was reported that the 2019 Spring and Fall sessions are full and they are now taking registration for the 2020 sessions.


  1. Young Professionals – There were approximately 73 people at the joint meeting in December.  They are currently looking to do a Spring event. 


  1. Water Resources – nothing to report.


  1. Past Presidents Council – Hurt reported they would like to have a joint meeting with the Chapter Executive Board and he will be inviting them to the February Legislative meeting.


  1. PACE Award – nothing to report.



  1. New Business


  1. Adjournment:  It was moved by Sneathen and seconded by Skylis to adjourn the meeting at 12:12 p.m.  All were in favor.