February 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 2:00 p.m.

Government Consulting Services, Incorporated (“GCSI”)

120 N. Washington, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Lansing, MI 48933


Voting Member of the        Attendance
Executive Committee Yes No
President Hart  X  
President Elect Thompson  X  
Vice-President Poole    X
Chapter Treasurer Rader    X
Chapter Delegate Hummel  
Branch Delegate - Central  X    Todd Sneathen      
Branch Delegate - Detroit Metro  X    Jerry Trembley      
Branch Delegate - Downriver  X    Bob Belair      
Branch Delegate - Mideast          
Branch Delegate - Midwest  X    Eric Scott      
Branch Delegate - Northern   X        
Branch Delegate - Southwest  X    Carl Fedders      
1st Past President Hurt  X  
2nd Past President Skylis  X  
Quorum (8 Needed)  9 5


Also in attendance:  Gary Mekjian – Conference Co-Chair, Tara Paksi – GLR Editor, Taylor Hiner – GCSI,

Karen Mondora –Awards; Jessica Katers, Noah Mehalski – Education; Brandy Siedlaczek – Water Resources Chair,

Nancy Kolinski – Volunteer Coordination, Tracy Spencer- Chapter Administrator



  1. Call to Order at 2:05p.m. by President Hart and he asked for self-introduction of Members/Guests.
    1. Advocacy Ambassador- There was discussion and it was moved by Skylis and seconded by Thompson to submit Charles Hart and Gary Mekjian to National as the Advocacy Ambassadors.  All were in favor.


  1. Approve January 26, 2019 Minutes – It was moved by Sneathen and seconded by Skylis to approve the January 26, 2019 meeting minutes with the following changes:  change “on” to “if” in the Membership, Marketing and Outreach section.  Include the sentence “Tara indicated she has a contingency plan for 2020 if it becomes necessary to change locations.” in the Site Selection section, and deleting the paragraph after the Strategic Planning Meeting Summary.  All were in favor.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – no report.


  1. President Elect Report – Thompson reported on the membership report. The committee is on track with having the new membership packets ready.  The Outreach committee is focused on the State Conference.


  1. Administrator’s Report – Spencer questioned the definition of “Standard Size Booth” and how many vendor booths are currently available for the 2019 Great Lakes Expo.  The registration numbers were discussed and how well Eventbrite was working.  The golf outing at the conference will be limited to 100 golfers to ensure the best event.


  1. Council of Chapters Report- Hummel and Thompson attended the Leadership Training at the end of January and participated in many good sessions.  There is Public Works promotional material that is available for Elementary and Junior High students.  There are Video Logs/Blogs discussing “Who Are You and Why Are You’re here?  One of the main media focus of National APWA is email, email, email.  It was discussed that Duane should work on the chapter dinner in Seattle due to the higher food costs and the minimum number that must be achieved.



  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central – The By-Laws have been passed and by the end of the week they will have the Executive Board established. 


  1. Detroit Metro – The Project Awards luncheon will be in March. 


  1. Downriver – There were (8) applications for the MPSI Scholarship Program were received and each was awarded $435 each. We are planning and taking registrations for the Bruce Edwards Tradeshow.  We are exploring topics and presenters for upcoming meetings.  Upcoming events include:  Bruce Edwards’ Equipment and Tradeshow on March 21st, Administrative Assistants’ Day on April 11th, Dan Brooks Golf Outing on June 5th, and the Boat Cruise on August 9th.




  1. Mideast – nothing new yet.


  1. Midwest – We are currently working on some planned events.  March 19th will be the “Union Negotiation” Lunch and Learn that is geared to management.  April 24th is the Career Quest and are asking for chapter support.  July 17th will be the golf outing, but they are still looking for a location.


  1. Northern – no report


  1. Southwest – They are currently working on branch dues and the meeting on March 20th will be on Roundabouts. 



  1. Reports
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference – Gloria Strong from TAMC wants to ensure that Wednesday afternoon will be either videotaped or audiotaped.  It was suggested that we ask TAMC record our session too.  There was some discussion on where lunch would be on Wednesday, and where the sessions will be held.  There was also discussion on the Welcome Event for Tuesday evening, and it was recommended that TAMC sponsor $500.


  1. Communications/Social Media – There are 25 advertisers, so revenue is up from last year.  The April issue is the next Great Lakes Reporter and we are working on it now.  Lew Bender’s 1st of 3 articles will be included. 


  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach – John Thompson has reached out to the branches about using Eventbrite for their events. 


  1. Site Selection – no update. 


  1. Road Scholar – no update. 


  1. Volunteer Coordination – Nancy reported she is waiting for the conference schedule so she can start working on the number of volunteers that will be needed.  Nancy is the keeper of meeting topics, send her any good subjects. 


  1. Strategic Planning Meeting Summary – We need to look at the assigned dates to the committees that were established during our first Strategic Planning Meeting.


  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports
    1. Public Works Academy – going strong, James just visited New York to speak on this academy.  There are (2) sessions, and the night one seems more popular.  There was a private meeting with the governor and a recent graduate. 


  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Continuing Education/Training – The training in Novi will be held in early October.  Noah tried working with SEMCOG but there is some issues with money and profits, so they will focus on advertising and membership.  There will be more sessions and Noah is working with Ltap.  He discussed SPOT Training for the Westside of Michigan and how a team needs to be established and the book will be sent for guidance.


  1. National Awards – There were 13 projects selected for awards, with 7 being advanced to National.  They will be sending out the notifications shortly.


  1. Legislative and Government Affairs – deferred for the Meet and Greet.   



  1. Sponsor Relations – There are 17 vendors registered for the Great Lakes Expo.  There was an email sent explaining the (1) inside booth policy and unlimited outside booths. 


  1. MPSI – no report


  1. Young Professionals – no report


  1. Water Resources – no report


  1. Past Presidents Council – looking at March/April to come to the Executive Board meeting.


  1. Snow Conference – The Midwest branch is starting to get committee leadership roles filled.  They would like to have chapter participation, and discussed the need to have a booth at the 2020 Snow Conference.


  1. New Business – There is continued discussion of hosting the National PWX in Detroit.  Gary Mekjian talked with a contact about getting Detroit more active in APWA again.


  1. Adjournment:  It was moved by Hurt and Seconded by Skylis to adjourn the meeting at 3:58 p.m.  All were in favor.