April 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 2019 APWA Michigan Chapter Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.

Government Consulting Services, Incorporated (“GCSI”)

120 N. Washington, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Lansing, MI 48933


  1. Call to Order by Past President Hurt - Introduction of Members/Guests

In the last year, lack of response for quorum.  Encourage people to respond appropriately.  Frustrating when people show up and there is not a quorum.

  1. Approve February 27, 2019 Minutes

Skylis/hart approve minutes with comments that Doug made.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed submitted report.  Skylis had a question about the Road Scholar registration.  MPI scholarship, is it restricted? All but $5,000 is restricted.  Lybeck donation was very generous.  Linnea has missed several meetings, but it trying to work out the solution and she is very responsive to email questions.  Income is looking good.  Hart/Skylis approve and file report.  Meeting in June will finalize the Budget.

  1. President Elect Report

No report right now, discussing later.

  1. Administrator’s Report

Possibly getting a list together of people who either do not respond or respond or do not show up. 

  1. Council of Chapters Report (Hummel)

Nothing much besides Rich’s newsletter, Sean O’Dell will be the new Region V director.  Working on getting his membership switched from agency to individual. 

  1. Branch Reports
    1. Central (Sneathen)

No report

  1. Detroit Metro (Tremblay)

June 24th golf outing at Fieldstone, flyer was emailed out.  April meeting the branch drew the scholarship winners, email went out yesterday.

  1. Downriver (Belair)

Executive meeting on April 8th, Student scholarship applications sent out this month.  Administrative Assistant luncheon was very successful.  Golf outing flyer went out recently, register early to ensure a spot.  May 9th is the next meeting.  Joint meeting/boat cruise coming up in August.

  1. Mideast (Skylis)

They were trying to get a training session for April but it did not happen.  They are having a hard time getting it restarted.  Skylis is willing to call people to get them interested in the next meeting.  Thank you Doug for trying to get it going.

  1. Midwest (Scott)

Graduation was last week for the Public Works Academy.  June 18th is the next Lunch and Learn session – accreditation, training, and more details to follow.  Career Quest was yesterday, Taylor took some pictures, great event.  Golf is July 17th at Chase Golf Course.  Public Works monument moving forward.

  1. Northern (Staley)

Successful class recently.  There will be a joint meeting at the Consumers Power Station.  Next meeting is in May. 

  1. Southwest (Glupker)

No report from their board, but Hart was at the last Roundabout meeting with approximately 60-70 people in attendance.  Very well done event.




  1. Reports (10-15 minutes)
    1. APWA Michigan Chapter Annual Great Lakes EXPO Conference (Mekjian/Rohraff)

Rohraff, spoke to golf course at Treetops.  Kevin at Treetops is very laid back and willing to do whatever we want, names the day before.  Approximately 96 golfers signed up so far, but could have up to 144. The dust is settling in the rooms assignments.  Spencer asked for a cut-off on when we decide if TAMC and APWA will switch rooms on the Wednesday so she can sign off on the B.E.O.  Working with TAMC is always worthwhile, but the planning portion of the conference was not thought out beforehand.  Treetops is limited on space and has been a challenge to ensure everyone has the necessary room.  Non-golfer tour is the Best of Gaylord, food, beer, shopping, chocolate tasting, doughnut making, $40 cost.  A lot of work has gone into planning this event since it is a new location.  Skylis suggests that the Past President and Past Past President chair the Conference Committee so that way there is continuity.  Think about this and how volunteers are necessary.  Thompson and Hart need a personal agenda on where and when to be.  If you know of anyone that can be a moderator in each room.

  1. Communications/Social Media (Paksi)

1st issue of the Great Lakes Reporter will be going out this week and Hiner will start working on the 2nd issue.  Possibly highlighting sponsors in the next few issues.  Possibly creating hashtags for the event that can be shared with the registration material.

  1. Membership, Marketing and Outreach (Lawson)

New membership packets went out last month.  Last meeting was cancelled, but Thompson has some ideas to discuss.

  1. Site Selection (Rohraff)

The Lansing Radisson is pushing hard to get our conference to come here.  We may need to start looking for bigger spaces.  If we are located further south in Michigan there may be more (1) day registrations with a severe drop in room block needs.

  1. Road Scholar (Rader)

About 15 people signed up so far.  Email was sent out introducing the event.

  1. Volunteer Coordination (Kolinski)

Nancy working on filling the volunteer slots for the upcoming Great Lake Expo.

  1. Strategic Planning Meeting Summary (Hurt)

No report

  1. Special Assignment Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Public Works Academy

They recently has a graduation with 23 people.  They had submitted a request to present at National PWX, and it has been accepted.

  1. Standing Committee Reports (2 minutes)
    1. Continuing Education/Training (Mehalski)

Finalizing the details of the Expo presenters.  Continuing to work on the event at the Novi Suburban Collection Showplace. 

  1. National Awards (Mondora)

One of the awards submitted to National has been chosen.  State awards have been ordered and the presentation is in the works.

  1. Michigan Night update (Poole)

Looking into a boat cruise with a cost of $87 per person if there are 60 people attending.  It would be about a 15 minute walk to the pier.  Hart suggests that Poole proceed and start the contract and deadline information.  Two drink tickets included, than a cash bar.  Most recent expense reimbursement table shows the President and President-Elect would be covered for PWX.

  1. Legislative and Government Affairs (Mekjian)

No report

  1. Sponsor Relations (Bonkowski)

38 of last year’s committed sponsors have registered.  Bonkowski will contact the remaining vendors to try and get more registered.  Discussion on what to do if extra trucks show up.  He provided his volunteer request list to Nancy.  Tickets need to be created for the prize giveaways.  The layout needs to be finalized and emails sent.

  1. MPSI (Rader)

Hart gave a speech at the banquet and gave praise to Lew and Mary Bender.  MPSI is booked for fall.  Anyone wishing to enroll new members, please get with Mary Bender.

  1. Young Professionals (Pike)

Hart suggesting that the group gets together up at the Great Lakes Expo.

  1. Water Resources (Siedlaczek)

No report.

  1. Past Presidents Council

Nothing new to report, but looks like some of the past Presidents are still giving their input.

  1. Snow Conference

Midwest Branch takes the heavy load of setting up the committees.  Hart will contact the Midwest Branch and ensure that volunteers are being contacted.  Hurt should be the conduit between the Chapter and Branch. 

  1. New Business: 
  2. Adjournment:

12:09 pm  Hart/Skylis