Downriver Branch

Downriver Branch Executive Board



President                                                                                Vice-President

Tom Wilson                                                                             Chris Owen

City of Livonia                                                                         Advanced Drainage Systems 

734.466.2632                                                                         248.461.1631                                             


Past President                                                                        1st Director

Mark Gaworecki                                                                     Bob Belair

Hennessey Engineers                                                             Canton Township       

734.759.1600                                                                          734.394.5150                                  


2nd Director                                                                            3rd Director

Mike Logan                                                                              Mark Ragsdale

Synergy Environmental                                                          Great Lakes Water Authority

866.872.7450                                                                          313.999.7944                                     


Secretary/Treasurer                                                             Community Liaison

Bill Fisher                                                                                 Jennifer Lawson

Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.                                                    City of Ann Arbor

313.463.5055                                                                          734.794.6430                                                 


Manufacturer Representatives

Ryan Kern                                Jamie Elsey                                         Amanda Rainville

Hennessey Engineers            Elsey Construction Products            ISCO Industries

734.759.1600                         313.866.9700                                     248.320.3604         



Program Coordinator                                                       Special Event Coordinator

Mary Jo Van Natter                                                            Clark Bushman

GFL Environmental USA, Inc.                                            Bell Equipment Company

586.945.0009                                                                      248.370.0000                                         


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